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October 30, 2017
| On 1 year ago

I’d Ride it. You?

Today’s first ever installment of I’d Ride it. You?, which I just invented, is an Ariel Square Four Chopper found on

The Ariel SF, of course, was designed by Edward Turner himself in 1928, and produced by Ariel all the way from 1931 to 1959. What’s going on with it is a pair of parallel Twins fore and aft in a common block, joined by their geared central flywheels.

Image by Quattro Valvole

On this chopper version, I’m going to speculate keeping the rear cylinders cool was the least of your problems. I think you’d be fully tasked keeping your speed up to keep her between the ditches, given those long skinny fork tubes feeding into what’s already a period British flexi-flyer – and planning your stops well ahead.

Still, think how comfortable you and yours would be cruising langorously along in the comfort of that King and Queen seat, on your way to a Beatles show or spot of tea, with the warm summer air and mayflies running up your bellbottoms and playing through the fringe on your buckskin jacket as the sound of not one but two British twins rumbled gloriously from your organ pipes, possibly freshly lifted from St. Paul’s.

I’d ride her. You?