How To Clean and Protect Your Motorcycle Without a Drop of Water

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We’ve all been there, dragging out the hose to try and get rid of a plague of bugs we collected on our latest ride. The process is always the same: hose down and scrub away at chrome, lenses, and pretty much any surface that has become coated with dust, dirt, and grime from the last ride out. But what if there were a different way? What about doing all that, without any water?

The guys at Muc-Off are a bunch of motorcycle obsessives and have been making performance and care products since 1994. So, we shouldn’t be surprised that they have a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to getting awesome results without any water. Here are the steps Muc-Off recommends for turning your ride from shame to shine without wasting a drop of H2O.

First out of the stable is their High Performance Waterless Wash. Yep, you heard right, waterless. When you aren’t in the mode of a full on deep clean, this bottle of pink sorts all manner of light contaminants all over the bike. Simply spray, wipe, and admire.

Next up, the plastic on the lights. Muc-Off ranks the cleaning performance of their Helmet & Visor cleaner as “Ultimate.” Spraying a headlamp made quick work of the bugfest build up, and yet, its ph neutral formula is kind to the lens.

And for those other parts that you want to keep free and easy? Simple, MO94. This is the Muc-Off all around wonder spray. Great for keeping pegs and linkages moving as they should, it lubricates while also leaving a protective layer that reduces dirt adhesion.

When it comes to the time to shine, Muc-Off have covered 3 key angles. When you want an all arounder for metal and plastics, Silicon Shine sorts it. It leaves a protective layer whilst also helping reduce friction on springs (and smells of cherry too). Speed Polish, is all about speed. Its formula contains Carnauba & bees wax which the MotoGP teams love because it’s quick to apply and wicks away water with its hydrophobic barrier. If it’s a high end luxury shine you want for your paintwork, Wunder Shine lays down a layer of wax that’s a breeze to wipe off and leaves your tank looking factory fresh. We learned that the more times you use it, the better the results. So, don’t be shy.

If we’ve swayed your opinion, rejoice. Now, exclusively for, there is a 15% discount off any purchase at when you enter the code MOTO15. Act quickly, though. This deal won’t last forever.


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