Helen Musselman would never believe in her wildest dreams that Musselman’s Honda, one of the first Honda dealers in America in 1959, would still be around today. But the commitment she and her husband have to the brand – and the brand to them – is one of the reasons Musselman’s Honda is still going strong in its original Tucson, Arizona location.

Today, Helen Musselman is 98 years old and the matriarch (or “Boss Lady” as is embroidered on her shirt) of four generations worth of Musselmans working at the dealership. She still comes to work every day and is the epitome of the phrase, “You Meet the Nicest People on a Honda.” Of course, when you have a relationship with a brand like Honda that has lasted nearly 60 years, you’re bound to have stories. And boy does Helen have stories. See the video below to hear how the Musselman’s started their relationship with Honda, their experience traveling to Japan to meet Soichiro Honda himself, and what keeps Helen coming to work every day all these years later.