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January 2, 2019
| On 11 months ago

Greatest Motorcycle Saves of Quite Some Time

What? My vacation’s over? Sigh… as we enter a new year here at MO, let us ease into it gently by remembering that although hard work, skill and determination are all requirements for a happy and successful life, there’s no discounting the value of sheer dumb luck. That goes double for riding a motorcycle around a racetrack in professional competition. Though Marc Marquez is lately the king of falling off without crashing, there’s a long and honorable tradition that precedes him, most famously by former 500 GP savemaster Randy Mamola. This little 3:14-minute vid has been out for around nine months, but it captures some classic moments, as well as explanations from guys like Mamola, Colin Edwards and Marquez as to how they cheated the Grim Scraper. Watch and learn, and always strive to stay on the right side of the gods.