Further Forum Foraging: 2014 Kawasaki ZX-14R

John Burns
by John Burns
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Meanwhile in ZXforums, 185EZ has decided it’s time to part with his 2014 ZX-14R. As you all should be aware, this is one steamy chariot – a motorcycle that challenged the Hayabusa for top-speed honors while performing steamy, 9-second quarter-miles in stock form. Kawasaki would like to sell you a new (and probably improved) one, for $16,599, but the only good reason not to to do that is that this slightly used one’s barely done 11,000 miles, and the seller says it doesn’t have a scratch on it.

In fact, it looks like EZ185’s bike at least has a Throttlemeister cruise control, whereas the new bike still has none.

further forum foraging 2014 kawasaki zx 14r

And since the stock 190-some horsepower wasn’t enough, this one’s also got a Power Commander 5 and an ECU job by Schnitz Racing, and a Graves exhaust. Chuck Graves. The Puig windscreen adds a bit more hurricane-force wind protection looks like; there’s Garmin GPS, and the radar detector is optional (who would bother to chase you in the modern era?).

further forum foraging 2014 kawasaki zx 14r

Add it all up, fill the 5.8-gallon tank with hi-test, and you could be screaming across the wide open spaces homeward from Lake Havasu, at inadmissible speeds in no time at all – for under $10 Gs.

Judging from EZ’s garage floor, which you could dine on, this one looks like a sweet deal. Not only is EZ185 a member of ZXforums, he’s an administrator.

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John Burns
John Burns

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  • MikeD MikeD on Jan 07, 2023

    Under $10K for the "1441" Gen is not a bad deal all things considered.
    But then you also get what you paid for: Yesteryear technology, specially compared to the revamped Hayabusa.
    Kawasaki it's gonna let this one and the Concourse 14 languish and fall thru the impossible to meet emission mandate's cracks.
    No significant updates have been made for a while now and probably never will until it gets discontinued, specially with the existence of the Ninja H2 (which I would never compare to it anyway but sometimes the media outlets do).🙄🤦‍♂️

    • See 2 previous
    • Tweet Tweet on Jan 11, 2023

      Oh no! There are plenty of practical uses for such a bike; If you ran out chips during a football game you could make it up to the corner store and back before the commercial break is over, or if you needed to catch the bank before it closes or were late for work--that's real utility! Now try that on a Vespa!

  • Puts one in mind of the GSX 1400. Vender upper body and one has an all-day sport tourer.