While everybody talks about how to get more people onto motorcycles, CSC Motorcycles is busy doing about 75% of the things that need to be done. CSC’s cute little RXR didn’t win last week’s 2017 Lightweight ADV Shootout, but it did surprisingly well against a couple of bikes that cost a bunch more money: $3,495 is almost cheap enough for even me to be able to afford one, but wait, there’s more. Included in the price of this ADV bike is an actual ADV. (Actually you’ll have to spend $400 more for the RX3, which comes with locking luggage and other accessories to make it tour-worthy.)

Joe Berk isn’t just one of CSC Motorcycles’ principals, he’s also been riding Baja for years, and even has a new book out. Now when you buy a CSC, they’ll throw in a free tour of everybody’s favorite part of Mexico. Well, not quite free, but all you have to pay is your expenses, like $100 a day; eight days should work out to about $800. New bike and Baja tour, still less than most new bikes. Bingo. 


CSC Press Release

CSC Motorcycles announced today that its fifth Baja Adventure Tour will occur from 10-17 March 2018. CSC offers this tour at no charge to riders of its iconic RX3 adventure.

“We’ve been providing the Baja tours since we introduced the RX3 in 2015,” Steve Seidner, CSC Motorcycles President and Chief Executive Officer, said.  “It started as a casual mention on our blog that we would be taking our RX3s through Baja when they first arrived in the US, and the overwhelming response and interest to that surprised us.  The Baja trips are now a key part of our marketing strategy.  We actually have people buy the RX3 motorcycle specifically so they can ride Baja with us.  It’s brought new people and younger people into motorcycling, and that’s a good thing.”

The CSC Baja tours cover 2000 miles and lasts eight days. The tour follows Baja’s Transpeninsular Highway all the way to Loreto, with stops along the way in Baja’s Valle de los Cirios, Scammon’s Lagoon, San Ignacio, Sierra San Francisco, Santa Rosalia, Mulege, Bahia Concepcion, and Loreto. Highlights include visits to the 300-year old working missions in San Ignacio, Mulege, and Loreto, whale watching in Scammon’s Lagoon, an off-road excursion to the ancient cave paintings high in the Sierra San Francisco Mountains, the all-steel Gustav Eiffel Church in Santa Rosalia, and authentic Baja epicurean delights during the entire journey.

“We don’t charge anything for this tour,” said Joe Berk, CSC’s ride organizer. “Participants have to pay their own expenses directly as they are incurred, but there’s no tour fee or anything like that. We’re not in the motorcycle touring business. We are in the business of introducing new and not-so-new riders to affordable adventure motorcycling. For the ride participants, it works out to something under a hundred bucks a day for fuel, food, and hotel expenses. We think it’s a hell of deal, and we don’t know any other importer who’s doing anything like this.  It’s a win-win for us and for the folks who buy CSC motorcycles.”

Joe Berk, an experienced Baja rider, recently published Moto Baja!  The book describes his experiences touring Baja on a variety of motorcycles.  Moto Baja! is available directly from CSC Motorcycles or from Amazon.com.

The RX3 is a 250cc fully-equipped adventure touring motorcycle. Its $3,895 price includes lockable panniers and topcase, skid plate, guards, windshield, liquid cooling, a 4-valve/4-stroke/OHC engine, a 6-speed transmission, and adjustable front and rear suspension. A service manual is included with every motorcycle, and CSC owners have access to extensive online maintenance tutorials. CSC provides a 2-year, unlimited mileage warranty.

More information is available at www.CSCMotorcycles.com and on the CSC blog.