The L.A. Auto Show is, naturally, mostly focused on the realm of four-wheeled vehicles but there was one motorcycle displayed that caught our attention here on MO. Pictured here is the Dagger, a concept bike pairing a 3D-printed frame with a Kawasaki H2 engine.

The Dagger was produced by Divergent 3D for its display at AutoMobilityLA, the industry trade show aspect of the L.A. Auto Show. Divergent 3D is best known for its 3D-printed supercar called the Blade (which you can read about on our sister site, introduced in 2015.

The Blade’s chassis is made of 3D-printed nodes connected by carbon fiber tubing. The Dagger goes without the tubes, using just a 3D-printed carbon fiber frame. The frame has a similar shape to the H2’s trellis but with an oddly 0rganic, almost skeletal look.


The fuel tank, bobber seat and likely the subframe appear custom made but the rest of the Dagger look like they came straight from the donor H2.

The Dagger isn’t intended to be a production vehicle. Rather, it, and the Blade before it, serve to illustrate the potential of 3D printing technology in vehicle manufacturing. Divergent 3D claims its manufacturing technique produces fewer emissions than traditional vehicle production.