Duke’s Den – Notes From Walking Miles Of Aisles At EICMA

In another corner was this monster, the Aurora Hellfire OZ26, styled by designer Tim Cameron. I was so blown away by the home-built 2575cc V-8 motor that I neglected to get a decent shot of the 417-hp machine. Somewhat unsurprisingly, it’s the product of a somewhat loony ex-pat Aussie, Vincent Messina (pictured next to Aurora’s Alison Scoullar), who’d been dreaming of his “ultrabike” for years. Its monocoque design sees a Hossack-style front end and a shaft-driven rear end bolted to the 80-degree, flat-plane-crank motor, yielding a claimed dry weight of 594 pounds. I’d like to accept donations for airfare to Thailand where Messina and the Hellfire reside so I can give it its first proper road test!