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John Burns
by John Burns

Photos by Kevin Wing

As the cool kids at Honda have been fond of doing lately, they staged the launch of their new CB1000R a couple weeks ago from an independent local bike shop, this time a new one that just opened its doors right next to Lala Land’s world-renowned Bartels’ Harley-Davidson on Lincoln Boulevard. Directly across the boulevard sits Pacific Coast Highway Powersports, which deals in an eclectic mix of Honda, Kawasaki, Moto Guzzi, Vespa, Piaggio, etc… and half-a-mile down the road, at the intersection of Lincoln and Venice Blvd., sits the excruciatingly hip Deus ex Machina. In other words, if you’re into bikes and you’re in the LA area, this is prime turf to spend a few hours kicking tires and pounding half-caf decaf skinny lattes.

The cream of American motojournalism listens in as Adam Tromp tells us a little about his new shop.

Iconic Motorbikes is the new kid on the block, and its collection of fin-de-siècle motorcycles is just what was missing. RC and NC30 Hondas, rare GSX-Rs, OW Yamahas and ZX-7s are the heart of the collection, with Italian masterpieces and others also on display, and if we must discuss money, also for sale.

Nicky Hayden’s 1999 Formula Xtreme winning Erion Honda CBR900RR lounges by the front door. (Kevin Erion was on hand providing logistics for Honda.)

“Yes, we’re a dealer,” says proprietor Adam Tromp, “so we buy, sell, trade and consign motorbikes. We share our collection with visitors, we rent our motorbikes to the movie industry, we sell and help find rare bikes and parts. Additionally we create our own artwork and consign artwork, we import, export and help people that are doing the same, sometimes just with advice if that’s all they need.”

Upstairs. I did not know there was ever a GSX250 four-cylinder.

Tromp says he retired from corporate America in 2015 after 15 years in the toy industry and 10 years in logistics, and decided to focus more on quality of life. His buddy Danny Pestonji, who headed up design for many leading toy manufacturers but much prefers motorbikes, soon followed suit. Patrick Morin became Iconic’s third partner, an avid motorbike collector who’s said to have a constantly growing and changing collection: “Danny and I are constantly trying to talk him out of bikes, he has some really crazy taste,” jokes Tromp.

“The three of us decided to follow our passion and build something really special,” wrote Adam from the pits at the rained-out British MotoGP Sunday, “not just a bike shop, but a collector’s haven and a business focused on relationships, passion and most important, honestly. Our mission when building Iconic Motorbikes was set around the belief that motorbikes are a lifestyle and not just a hobby or means of transportation. We wanted a brand that supported every facet of the industry. Last and by no means least, we created a classified that is free to use for finding your dream bike or missing part, and only a nominal fee to sell something but with the added ability to speak to someone about it…us!

“After just six weeks in business we heard constant complaints, concerns which turned into requests for us to open our own Service Department. Having the same issues, concerns and history with many shops in the past, we were very fortunate to meet Stephen Brousseau. As soon as we realized his talent, his resume and his overall wonderful attitude, we built a full-service shop and it’s been wonderful thus far. When I was a “wannabe racer,” I wanted nothing more then to have a mechanic such as Stephen build a motor/bike for me, but could never afford it. Now that we have him here with us every day, it’s really amazing! Not only has he built motors and supported some of the great riders we’ve come to know, but the motor he just built for David Collins recently won the NHRA Summit Series. Not only does he look after our collection – over 70 bikes between us – but he is detail oriented, a clean freak like the rest of us and one heck of a wrench. I’ve met a lot of great techs in my life and had just about every performance bike and car you can imagine, but Stephen’s already proven to be exceptionally skilled and even more, so well-rounded.”

The Honda RC-51 engine awaits the rest of the Mondial Piega it belongs in. Seems it’s easier to import bikes when they’re in pieces.

It’s easy to see how Adam Tromp and Danny Pestonji were successful in the toy business. Their enthusiasm for their new line of big-kid toys and general nice-guyness are downright infectious, and even if they’re not necessarily into their new business strictly for the money, Adam says they already sold five bikes in their first month of business, enough to pay the rent.

“Like any new business,” ads Tromp, “we’re constantly changing, pivoting and adding features, so the Iconic Motorbikes of today may be a tad different tomorrow. Come by and check us out!”

You really should.

4161 Lincoln Blvd.
Marina del Rey, CA 90292

John Burns
John Burns

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  • Spiff Spiff on Aug 29, 2018

    Freakin sweet. I love old sportbikes, and these are the top of the food chain.

  • Craig Hoffman Craig Hoffman on Aug 30, 2018

    Out of corporate Hell and into moto fantasyland. Good on these guys. Here's to a long and successful run.