San Francisco Bay Area:

Another one of my garage queens needs to go. I am the original owner of this bike. Yep, drove it right of the showroom floor when Pittsburg had a Suzuki dealership. It is 99% stock. I replaced the rear shocks and took the chain guard off, but I still have those parts, so you can have them with the bike. It needs a little TLC – as it has been sitting for a while. A good amount of cleaning and polishing will have it looking darn near brand new. I had the heads off and reconditioned about 2 years ago, and then never rode it again. The engine turns over, but won’t fire up. I’m guessing the carb needs a good cleaning and some fresh gas. More than I want to do. As you can see from the mileage (16,607), I never rode it much and it shares the garage with 2 other bikes that my wife and I enjoy riding more. So my loss is your gain. I am open to reasonable offers but I think my price is realistic for the mileage, condition and rarity of this bike. Thanks for looking. Oh, and you can have the cool plate too!!