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by Kevin Duke

A MOron hits the small screen again

Part of my job at MO involves producing videos, and the cumulative views of the videos I’ve participated in probably totals a pretty big number – perhaps more than 20 million. And yet, despite all that moving-picture glory, there’s still a thrill from being seen on television.

It’s been nearly five years since I was last seen on TV when I was a guest judge on American Chopper Live – The Build-Off that aired on the Discovery Channel in December, 2011. It was the most-watched show among men in America that night, garnering nearly 5 million viewers, and it was amazing to find out that so many of my non-motorcyclist friends saw me on the show, demonstrating the wide reach of broadcast television. Read about my experience on live TV by clicking here.

Now the Discovery Channel is about to get another boost in the ratings, as I’ll be seen this Monday, August 29 on a show called Biketacular. It’s a one-off show that highlights the 20 most significant motorcycles of all time, and I was one of the “experts” selected to comment on why the bikes in the show are so important to the history of motorcycling.

There are are couple of caveats. For one, this being a show that will air on the Discovery Channel, Biketacular contains a fair bit of self promotion. So you’ll be seeing more interview time with stars from the network’s “Motor Mondays” shows than you will from me and the other experts. Also, don’t be surprised when you see a bike from American Chopper franchise selected as one of the 20 bikes, which I can assure you wasn’t on my personal list of significant motorcycles of all time.

Regardless, the show should be fun to watch despite the self-imposed handicaps. Tune your TV to the Discovery Channel on Monday evening!

Kevin Duke
Kevin Duke

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  • Mahatma Mahatma on Aug 29, 2016

    Damn the region coding to hell!

  • DickRuble DickRuble on Aug 29, 2016

    Wow... I hadn't watched Discovery Channel in fifteen years, pretty much since I cut the chord on cable TV. I barely could make it to the Goldwing. Discovery used to be pretty decent but it seems to pander now to the lowest level forms of life. On the bright side, Duke stood out (in a positive way) among the lobotomized and toilet-brush-bearded troglodytes of the show. I hope he was paid handsomely for the effort. It can't be easy...