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November 27, 2017
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Alan Wilzig’s Own Private Ride-aho

I don’t know this guy, but I know people who know this guy – and I’d like to become much better acquainted. My main complaint with the wealthy mostly centers on the ridiculous things they tend to do with their wealth: $450 mil for a DaVinci here, $200 mil for a Van Gogh there, a gold toilet… if all you’re looking for is a place to store your wealth, why not store it in expensive things you can completely destroy in the blink of an eye?

Wait, that’s probably not the right sales pitch. But if you have a whole bunch of things you can destroy, none of which are terribly expensive (we call that a diverse portfolio), doesn’t it make way more sense to have your wealth stored in things that give you a visceral thrill while you’re still visceral, things that will elevate your heart rate a bit and give your brain a good old workout? Of course, just the term “race track” sends most people scurrying in fear, but it was actually fear of being taken out on public roads that led to Alan Wilzig building his own 1.15-mile road course in his back yard in New York’s Hudson Valley.

Anyway, I for one am jealous. Given a Lotto win, this is pretty much what I would do, though there’d also be a mellow MX track with a trout stream running through it. Probably there is one, just off camera, in this story at todays New York Post. Is there a guest house? I’m not busy next summer.