A Beautiful SV650 Barry Sheene Tribute, From France

Troy Siahaan
by Troy Siahaan
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Were he still alive, Barry Sheene would turn 67 in 2017. A British racing icon, he remained the last grand prix world champion until Danny Kent won the Moto3 title in 2015. Known for his bravado and hard-charging style, Sheene won over fans from around the world. Including France, where this story originates.

Suzuki France organized a competition around the new SV650, to customize it in one of two styles: scrambler or cafe racer. French outfit Espace Moto 95 decided to incorporate elements of both and build a tribute bike to the late Barry Sheene. The motorcycle you see here is the finished result, and also the winner of the contest.

The rules were simple: other than choosing one of the two styles, no modification could be permanent, meaning the motorcycle could be converted back to original form later if desired. The most obvious changes include the custom bodywork and paint job inspired by the RGA500 Sheene rode for Team Herron Suzuki. Other bits include the Leo Vince exhaust, license plate relocation bracket, Dunlop tires, repainted wheels, and other various ancillary pieces to make this whole project come together.

It’s a beautiful French tribute to a British icon, and it’s now for sale! Espace Moto 95 has it listed on its Facebook page for a cool €9799, or roughly $10,400. See more pictures of the Sheene tribute below.

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Troy Siahaan
Troy Siahaan

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