The 25th annual Ride To Work Day is coming up on Monday, June 19th. So, it’s never too soon to start considering the benefits of riding your motorcycle to work. Far too many people consider motorcycles as toys and not viable transportation – that includes the many riders who only take their bikes out on weekends. Riding daily has many benefits, not the least of which is making you a more proficient rider. So, get ready, the 19th is only 12 days away, and if you’ve never commuted by motorcycle, that’s as good a day as any to start.

Ride To WorkEngage your mind

Many car drivers seem to zone out while they commute by either listening to the radio or talking on the phone. Either way is a pretty passive experience. When riding, all of our senses are engaged, and we’re more alert and involved in the ride. Also, regular motorcycle commuting improves concentration, risk management skills and overall health – all desirable traits in the work force.

Ride To WorkSpend time in the open air

One of the curses of the modern work world is that the vast majority of us spend our days working inside. Being out in the open air after a day inside a box is a great way to leave the office behind.

Ride To WorkRemind drivers that motorcyclists are people with jobs, too

Depending on where you live, you may notice the same vehicles on your daily commute if you leave at the same time every day. When a motorcycle is mixed in with traffic, it stands out by its difference. As people on your commute get used to seeing you ride to work, you’re doing a little bit every day to defeat the reputation of motorcyclists as ne’er-do-wells who don’t contribute to society.

Ride To WorkBurn less fuel

Big surprise finding this on the list, but it’s true. Motorcycles get better mileage than the vast majority of automobiles. As we become more aware of the effects carbon-based fuels are having on the global environment, burning less gasoline is something to be proud of. (Photo credit: Karimala/

Ride To WorkDe-stress after a day at work

Something comes over most riders the moment they hear and feel the engine of their motorcycle start. It’s even more pronounced after a day of doing tasks for others. Let go of those reports and mindless chores demanded by the man. Take a deep breath, squeeze in the clutch, and put your bike in gear. You feel better already, don’t you.

Ride To WorkHave fun!

Having fun is why we start riding motorcycles in the first place. Life is full of enough things that we have to do. Why not do something for the pure enjoyment of it? Motorcycling is about as good as it gets, too. So, ride to work!