2021 Honda CRF300L & Rally Video Review

Ryan Adams
by Ryan Adams

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Since its 2012 release, Honda has sold more than 35,000 of its quarter-liter CRF dual-sport variants. In addition to some other choice updates, the CRF250L and CRF250L Rally have been stroked out to 300s for 2021. The last time we dyno’d the CBR300R, it spat out 26.2 hp at 8500 rpm and 17.4 lb-ft of torque at 6800 rpm. That was an increase of four horses and two pound-feet from the previous 250cc mill. An updated transmission with tighter gear ratios and an updated slipper clutch also help the new CRF300s mesh on the trail or the street.

2021 Honda CRF300L & Rally Review – First Ride

In an attempt to better differentiate the performance of the two models, the L and Rally now have a better distinction between long haul comfort on the Rally and classic dual-sport performance with the L. The Rally’s larger fuel tank has gained 0.7 gallons compared to previous year’s putting capacity at 3.4 gallons. Honda says this could yield up to 250 miles per tank. And, if you’re game, your backside might not mind the extra mileage either thanks to the Rally’s wider cushy seat. That new seat also sits on rubber dampers to help ease any harsh vibes attempting to make their way to your backside. The rider footpegs also receive the rubber treatment for the same purpose. Handlebar weights on either end continue the fight for a smooth ride.

2021 honda crf300l rally video review

Honda claims 11 pounds lost from the previous model with the CRF300L with a nine-pound deficit on the Rally model. The chassis lost weight and gained rigidity in key areas for 2021 while also gaining a bit of ground clearance.

Both models received a bump to 10.2 inches of travel from the Showa suspension components and share the same spring rates and damping although the Rally model uses slightly longer springs.

2021 honda crf300l rally video review

The seat has also been narrowed near the front to provide easier standover height and the LCD display provides more information than before.

That’s all great, but how does it translate to the riding experience? Give yourself a break from your busy day and check out our First Ride impressions after a day of testing the two new models back to back, now in video format.

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