If not a lighter, slimmer version of the Gear Up, what could the Ural Gear Up Air be? A $17,999 launch pad for a drone! That’s what! The latest limited edition Ural to be announced from our Russian comrades (the Americanized ones in Redmond, Washington at least) is the Ural Gear Up Air, a brand mashup from none other than: DJI, a popular drone manufacturer; Ram Mounts, a manufacturer of mounts of all sorts; and Stratasys, experts in the 3D printing and manufacturing landscape. The cool thing about paying $18k for a drone launchpad, is that you also get a fun sidecar motorcycle out of the deal. Essentially a rolling Russian command post for your surveillance drone!

The Ural Gear Up Air comes with all of your favorite Gear Up features such as two-wheel drive, auxiliary lights, a trunk, and smashing good looks, but now, with the Air, you get a whole host of features for (drone) pilots everywhere to geek out over.

2019 Ural Gear Up Air

Stratasys built and designed a drone launch pad which is integrated into the top of the Gear Up’s sidecar. Simply flip the switch mounted inside of the sidecar and gas-charged shocks lift the door to reveal a DJI Spark drone ready for lift off. “The drone compartment, made by Stratasys, is a perfect showcase of the advantages of direct digital manufacturing solutions.” says Ural. Surely the collaboration between the two companies will be rewarding for both parties involved.

I know what you’re thinking now. My drone is ready for take off, allowing me to see the world through the eyes of the majestic bald eagle soaring high above the landscape, but how am I supposed to pilot this thing? You expect me to hold the controller? With my hands?! NO! Ural thought of everything and turned to time-tested mount makers, Ram Mounts, to build a custom configuration so you don’t need hands! To hold your controller, anyway. Allow me to dial back my snarkiness. Ural’s vision is thus, “the sidecar passenger turned navigator can use the Spark’s cutting edge video capturing technologies not only to assist the pilot, but also to capture and share the unique experience.” Okay, that’s kind of cool, I suppose. Drone shots are frequently raved about in our videos and add an “epicness” that is expected these days on YouTube.

2019 Ural Gear Up Air

The DJI Spark is the drone manufacturer’s entry-level model, which is easy to use, has plenty of features such as flight detection of objects, a return home feature (should the battery run low and the drone needs time to fly back to its launch location), HD wi-fi video connection displaying 720p while in flight, and a two-axis mechanical gimbal stabilizing its f/2.6 wide-angle lens which is capable of shooting 1080p and 12mp photography.

Of course, sending your little whizzing spy machine into orbit without first checking and calculating for windage would be a mistake only rookie flyboys would make. Thankfully, Ural has once again thought of everything with proper wind tracking technology included with the Ural Gear Up Air: a selfie-stick with a windsock attached to it.

2019 Ural Gear Up Air

The Air is set to arrive in US dealers November 2018, and the Russians are limiting production to only 40 units worldwide. Like other limited edition models, when they gone, they gone. Learn more about the Ural Air LE here.