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January 3, 2017
| On 2 years ago

2017 Marks A New Era For Jorge Lorenzo

With the flip of a calendar page, everything changes for Jorge Lorenzo. In 2017, from the looks of his Twitter account, he’s not wasting any time in getting with the new program. Over the past three days, three notable changes occurred on 99’s official twitter account.

Number 99 on a Ducati will soon be a familiar sight to MotoGP fans.

With the 2016 contractual obligations behind him, Jorge has made it fairly obvious where his new allegiance lies. While the photo above was most likely shot during the test that followed the season closing race at Valencia, we can expect to see 99 mounted to the full factory colors during the January 30th Sepang test event. If the Valencia test was any indication, Lorenzo will continue to be a major threat to any rider with his eye on the 2017 MotoGP championship.

Lorenzo tweets Ducati branding. Cappuccino as a statement of loyalty.

In other signs that Lorenzo is settling in to his new team, his tweets this year reveal clear Ducati influences – such as the cappuccino above. The next obvious development is that Lorenzo is now tweeting in Italian in addition to Spanish and English.