Texas IMS Outdoors Feature

The 2021 Texas IMS Outdoors Show will take over Fort Worth, Texas Oct. 1-3 and it is an experience not to be missed by motorcycle fans of all stripes.

So why should you attend the Texas IMS Outdoors Show? Glad you asked. This show is loaded with things to do and awesome bikes to see. So much so that we thought it best to give you our list of 10 reasons for making your way to Forth Worth to take everything in.

1. Demo rides!

Remember when you could walk into a motorcycle dealer and test ride every single model in the shop without anyone asking for you to buy a bike? Yeah, we don’t either. But we do  know where you can actually do that—at the Texas IMS Outdoors Show at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth October 1-3. Get your sweaty mitts on the stunning Harley-Davidson Pan America or the low-slung, menacing Sportster S—the most powerful Sporty ever built!

Street Demos

It’s not just Harley at the party—most major brands are representing in the Lone Star state. Livewire is offering its all-electric One, Indian will let you ride its FTR1200, Kawasaki’s army of Ninjas await your tush, Yamaha is proudly showing its much-anticipated R7, Zero has its svelte SR/F and SR/S, Royal Enfield has its lineup of back-to-the future retro classics, and Triumph, (not to be outdone by its old rival) is showing off its hottest models.

The bikes we mentioned are only a partial list of available demo models, so check the IMS website and be sure to bring your motorcycle license, required riding gear and an appetite for (a lot of) riding.

2. It’s an amazing place to take your bike-curious friends and family

Learn To Ride Course

Friends, are you tired of explaining what it takes to become a rider to the moto-questioning in your lives? Time to tell them to put up or shut up and come to the show. That’s where they can get all their questions answered, as they paw through vendor displays of new riding gear, see most of the motorcycles on the market and meet actual Motorcycle Safety Foundation instructors and other industry professionals.

But it doesn’t end there. The IMS offers the Discover the Ride program that goes a big step beyond just showing and telling. Prospective riders get a taste of powered two-wheelers in a safe, controlled environment, first with Yamaha electric bikes, and then on to a specially equipped speed-limited Zero electric motorcycle. They even have loaner gear for them to wear—time to ride!

To top it all off, prospective motorcyclists can take advantage of the Harley-Davidson invitation to ride program. This is a 20-minute experience that allows first-timers the chance to ride a Harley-Davidson Street 500 on a closed course. No motorcycle license is required to take part, though long pant and proper shoes are a must (leave your sandals at home).

3. There is some next-level ADV stuff going on

Bret Tkacs Lifestyle ADV Out Profiles-5

For 2021, the IMS is bringing “Adventure Out,” a space to learn more about Adventure riding and its first cousin, RV-ing.  Check out new ADV gear and equipment, learn some new tricks with ADV educator Bret Tkacs, ask industry experts your adventure-travel questions and enter a drawing to win a free three-day motorcycle rental and more.

4. Your kids will want to go back next year

Kids Zone with Strider 2

Knock the phones out of their hands and drag them off the couch—your kids will love the IMS. Take them to the Kids Zone, with two interactive closed courses designed for different skill levels. The little ones—as young as two—can get on a Strider ™ to discover balancing, and older kids can play on a special range equipped with obstacles and other challenges on a Strider™ 16 Sport balance bike. The best part…kids 12 and under are free.

5. You can park for free and leave all your gear at the door

Motorcycle Parking

Free parking at a motorcycle show isn’t just cool because it’s free (but hey, who doesn’t like free?). It’s cool because you’ll be able to check out some of the amazing motorcycles your fellow Texas riders want to be seen on. It’s one of our favorite parts of an IMS show.

What isn’t our favorite part is where you have to carry your helmet, jacket, swag and chilled beverage of choice all over the place, but no worries—they have you covered. Free, secure gear and helmet storage, provided by Progressive Insurance is on hand. They’re even promising a free gift.

6. Shockingly fun bicycles

ebike demos

It’s something the top racers have known for years—bicycling is a great way to train and stay in shape for motorsports, which is one great reason to drop by the show and check out the electric-bike demo rides. And make sure to check out the Serial 1—that’s Harley-Davidson’s e-Bike brand—and Yamaha Power Assist while you are there. You don’t even need to bring your own bike helmet—they’ll loan you one.

7. You can make a weekend out of it

The Dallas-Fort Worth metro area is huge, diverse and a lot of fun. Camping is available near the Speedway, and there’s plenty to do—live music, museums, incredible food and much more—if you’re ready for a change of pace.

8. See friends you haven’t seen for a while

Street Motorcycle Demo Rides

What we always love about the shows is seeing other riders, old friends from our dark, distant past and new friends alike. There hasn’t been a big show like this in Texas since early 2020, so there’s probably a lot of riders itching to get out there and see you. If they love motorcycles as much as you do, they’ll be there, so don’t miss the chance to connect.

9. Live Music & Entertainment

Phil Rocker

After the rides, the shopping, the schmoozing, you can sit, have your R or PG-rated beverage and enjoy some free live music scheduled for all three days of the show. Phil Rocker (Felipe Ossa), a musician from the city of Medellin, Colombia, will be providing the tunes.

Phil has single handedly grown the rockabilly genre in Colombia while also representing Colombian Rockabilly on tour internationally, including several large festivals such as Rock Calavera in Mexico and Rockabilly on the Route in the United States. He even has a home in the Rockabilly hall of fame, which has honored the likes of Elvis’s Presley , Johnny Cash , Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins. Phil is recognized as a member of the second generation carrying the fire of Rockabilly to Latin America and he is the first Latino not born in US with a place in their wall.

And to keep you and the kids fully entertained, check out the XDL STREET JAM stunt show featuring Extreme Yamaha Experience.

10. Get your fire lit and your motor runnin’

The best reason to go? Motorcycles R awesome, and the IMS is basically all that awesome in one convenient location. Ride the bikes you’ve been reading about (but haven’t been able to see in person) since last year and meet the folks who work hard in the sport you love.

Life is short, so make the trip. See you there.

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