The Most Scenic Rides in Ontario

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Canada’s biggest province boasts a collection of roads that vary from the straightest and busiest in the country to some of its most winding and scenic, where rocky shield terrain gives way to thousands of lakes and incredible vistas. We asked four influencers / motorcycle journalists for their favourite scenic rides in Ontario and what they shared might surprise you.

Algonquin Park Loop (Highways 507, 11, 523, 17, 60)

Ryan Hawkins, Canuck Powersports

“I love tripping around Ontario’s largest Provincial Park. This can be done in one day for those high mileage riders or stretched out into multiple days. Travelling on epic roads such as the 507, 523, 11 and 17 around the top of the park, or on Highway 60 through the middle of the park, you won’t be disappointed. Gas is easily accessible through many of the small towns as well as restaurants to stop along the way. Motorcycle camping is not out of the question as this is one of the best areas to find a great site. Although the park is beautiful any time of year, be sure to get that late season riding in to check out the fall colours. If twisty roads and friendly hospitality are your thing, plan a trip around Algonquin Park.”

Trans Canada Highway between Sault Ste. Marie and Wawa
(Highway 17)

James Bai, @wobblycat

“The views along this stretch of Lake Superior are unmatched in Ontario. You ride with a freshwater inland sea over one handlebar, the rocky Canadian Shield over the other while breathing in fresh clean air. There are also many scenic stops along the way such as Old Woman Bay and Katherine Cove. To me, this quintessential Ontario and Canada rolled into one. This is part of the Grand Algoma Loop, which I’ve written about here.

Deer Trail Touring Route/ Little White River (Highway 546)

Liz Jansen,

Deer Trail Touring Route, Elliot Lake. Photo by Martin Lortz, .

“Take me to the Deer Trail Touring Route and you’ve taken me to heaven on earth. It’s both ancient and timeless. Stunning vistas, waterfalls, and boreal forests welcome me. Riding along the Little White River takes my breath away and crossing it on the narrow bridge makes me giddy with delight. The waters of Lake Huron can sparkle like a billion diamonds or crash against the shore with unleashed energy. Bucolic sections are peaceful and calming. I’m constantly grateful and in awe of the diversity, power, and majesty of nature. Riding the Deer Trail feeds my soul and reminds me who I am.”

Little Current to Espanola (Northern Highway 6)

Jeff Wilson, @driver_jeff

“My favourite scenic ride in Ontario is a short part of a longer journey. After riding up the flat and straight Bruce Peninsula and around Manitoulin Island, it’s only 50 kilometres up Highway 6 from Little Current at the top of Manitoulin, to Espanola, but that stretch of highway instantly feels like riding into a Group of Seven painting. The road rises and falls, twists and turns with wide sweepers, and is bordered by cliffs and rock walls, lakes and trees. It’s a beautiful stretch of road that begs for motorcycling, and even offers up a Tim Hortons in Espanola for a coffee and a few minutes to sit back and admire your machine.”


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  • Motonut_1 Motonut_1 on Jul 12, 2019

    Did I miss something. The article says 5 of Canada's best, but I only count 4. What am I missing?

    • Mikstr Mikstr on Jul 13, 2019

      actually it says ONTARIO's best (Ontario is but one of our 10 provinces and 3 territories on Canada), but you are correct on the mathematical dimension of your query

  • Mikstr Mikstr on Jul 13, 2019

    Central Ontario has some beautiful roads... Freeways and major highways are typically to be avoided by yours truly, they compromise the ride in favour of the destination, which flies in the face of travelling by bike