Sights from the 2005 AMA Superbike Championship

Our Fonzie sees the world differently from most people: He doesn't see asphalt laid over dirt and grass, he sees contrasting colors and geometric shapes/angles that could compose a stunning visual scene. Send him off to an event and ask him how it went: "Uh, great! Look at this..." and he'll proceed to show you the thousands of pictures he took, letting the richness and contrast of the colors and composition of his pictures lead you into telling your own tale of the event. And so it is with the Kawasaki-sponsored Infineon AMA Superbike race weekend and extra-day riding Fonzie got to do this past weekend. For the past few days, Al's been sweating which pictures would make the final 32: How to delete 968 pictures when you love them all? Slowly, begrudgingly, that's how.

Without further ado, look and follow along in three days in the life of Fonzie...

Since I'm a photographer, I'd rather tell this story with photos and captions.

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