Raduno Italia: Dancing With Ducs At Deus Ex Machina

The T-shirt might say Norton and the bike might say Cagiva, but you need to look a bit deeper. Professional musician John Zainer has a long history of motorcycle racing, has flogged all over Europe, and has a penchant for re-molding bikes to his personal parameters. Case in point, this bike that began life as a 2007 125cc water-cooled 2-stroke Cagiva Mito. The tank, seat, front fender, made by Cagiva, are actually 996 Ducati pieces but scaled down to 7/8th by the factory, an idea floated by Cagiva’s Italian designer of the bike who also had designed the 996. “When I first bought this bike new in Stuttgart, Germany, it came from the factory with a stout frame, 320mm Brembo brakes, 150 rear rim, so I decided to put a bigger engine in it.” He left the original drive train with the German dealer and shipped the boxes of spare parts home to the U.S. where he set about adding a 2008 Honda CR-FX 450cc making about 50 horses in a bike that weighs 280 lbs. In Italian or Japanese, it translates to serious giggle fun. John’s taken it to Willow Springs and clocked 115+ and says at 70mph it melds very happily with CA freeways.