Motorcycle Online's World Superbabes I

1998 World Superbike Championship, Laguna Seca

All good things must come to an end, and last year was the last you'll ever see of MO's Umbrella Babes. Why point the camera's lens at professional babes only? This year we went to Laguna Seca Raceway and brought the amateur babes, spectating from the stands, into focus as well. We're appalled at how other pubs concentrate primarily on professional babes, as though they're somehow better than the amateurs. This kind of blatant discrimination makes us sick and we won't stand for it.

Join us. Stand up and refuse to be a part of this frightening trend. If amateur babes are to be treated as equals, they will need your support in the coming years, a collective movement of united peoples who will say no(!) to any kind of appreciation of professional babes that excludes the amateurs. We at Motorcycle Online will not back down. We will fight, and with your help, we will win.

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