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Tor Sagen
by Tor Sagen

MV Agusta is on a bit of a roll, most recently with the introduction of the F3 800, a third variation of the company’s three-cylinder platform we reviewed recently. Production has quadrupled over the past four years, jumping from just 2,000 bikes up to 8,000 in 2012. And 2013 production is up 27% thus far.

Helming the legendary Italian brand is Giovanni Castiglioni, son of Claudio Castiglioni who passed away in August 2011 while rebuilding MV after investment by Harley-Davidson. We interviewed the younger Castiglioni back then, and we got another opportunity to speak with him during the F3 800’s launch at Misano in Italy. You’ve released four three-cylinder bikes (F3 and Brutale in 675cc and 800cc versions), and shortly we’ll have the Rivale 800 as well. Is the Triple’s lineup complete now?

Giovanni Castiglioni: No, not really. At the Milan show we will introduce two new models in two different categories and we are looking forward to that.

MO: It was fantastic to hear MV Agusta is doing so well in sales. Can you keep this trend going?

GC: Yes, absolutely. We grew about 80% from 2011-2012, and YTD in May we did about 30% increase, so we think that we can keep about 20% average increase in the next years with the new models and in the investment in the network we will make, so we are very positive on that.

Tor Sagen and Giovanni Castiglioni pose with the MV Agusta F3 800.

MO: Is it the Triple range which is the cause of the big success?

GC: Now for sure, but in our plan we will continue our investments in both the three- and four-cylinder platforms. It’s two different clients and two different segments in the market, so we will keep going in both.

MO: Which is your personal favorite in the Triple range?

GC: My personal favourite is the F3 800 because I like sportbikes and with the 800 you can get the feeling of a supersport 1000cc bike but with easier riding – a lightweight bike but still with good torque and power, so a really complete bike, both for the track and the street.

Tor Sagen
Tor Sagen

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