This is the first installment of “Escape the Apple,” an idea hatched by Eric Guidice who, at 28, decided he needed to take an epic motorcycle road trip to disengage from the drudgery of normal life. Click this link to read the setup to this nine-part series that will be seen on

One day over a beer at my favorite Brooklyn watering hole I realized New York City has shown me a lot of fun but it was time to move on. The “Escape the Apple” road trip idea grew into a passion project amongst my closest friends. We wanted to give viewers a real look at what it’s like leave a corporate life and become full-time motorcyclists. We sublet our apartments in the city, packed up our belongings and started to make our daydreams reality.

After stopping at a local garage to pick up some last-minute gear, we rode out of NYC Saturday morning. Our sportbikes were crammed with last of our remaining belongings as we headed to our truck stored in Jersey, loading up for the first leg of the journey. A few wheelies shot in front of some epic cityscapes and then we were off!

Escape the Apple Depart

Packed up, the boys head out from NYC while filming for the first episode.

We were originally scheduled to depart Friday evening, but it was pushed to address our eyes-bigger-than-our-storage space issues. After a hardware store run and surprise visit from an old friend returning from his own cross-country motorcycle adventure, it was 2:00 a.m. and a five-hour journey just wasn’t happening.

We awoke early Saturday morning to finish packing and start our journey. We are traveling in a step van nicknamed “The Grumman” bought used from Snap-On Tools and customized to hold three sportbikes, three beds and enough gear to never need a hotel.

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Escape the Apple Truck

The last time for a long time the truck will be this empty or clean.

We left Jersey in the early evening, bound for West Virginia with our only stop a crab house in the Maryland Harbor for a dozen of America’s finest crabs. We met up with an old college buddy who taught us how to properly pull them apart to avoid the eye rolls from the local pros. Washed down by a cold draft, the residual stress of a complete life change started to melt as we embraced the life of a traveler.

We packed into the truck to finish the journey to our first of the Virginias and quickly realized that night traveling in the Grumman is the way to do it. Topping out at 55 mph and with no air conditioning, night driving gave open passing lanes and cooler air temps.

After three hours, one fender bender, and our fair share of energy drinks, we made it safely to our campground around 3:00 a.m. Sunday morning. We unloaded the bikes, prepped the cameras and got ready for our first day of riding throughout the Appalachians. After working so many late nights in a row to get ready for our departure, nobody was averse to the fold-out cots topped with blow-up mattresses as a place to rest.

Our first video episode, “Prep,” highlights NYC and our departure as we travel to our first destination of West Virginia. Check it out below.

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