EICMA 2010: Milan Show Wrap-up

Tor Sagen
by Tor Sagen

Each year the press is hindered from having easy access to the press office for a couple of hours because Silvio Berlusconi is holding his speech in the room next door. The security is super tight. The show is also absolutely littered with deadweights hanging around scratching their balls. It’s a working journalist’s nightmare.

That said, the most important people in the motorcycle world are also present and who wouldn’t want to rub shoulders with MotoGP champ Jorge Lorenzo, World Superbike champ Max Biaggi or Miss Italy? So while being slowly tortured by people standing in my way at each corner I also enjoy the privilege of hanging out with the biking A-list.

My problem though is that I see it as my duty to cover the new metal, not so much hanging out scratching my balls while enjoying prosecco.


It was the day of the Diavel. Ducati held its press conference in a Milan theatre the day before press day ( see separate report) and there’s no doubt the Diavel is the most impressive new creature to hit the floors of EICMA. The 162 horsepower engine with traction control has been tuned to excite and awe.

Ducati kicked EICMA off with a bang with the introduction of the new Diavel.

Ducati also launched another motorcycle we know is exciting to ride, the Monster 1100 EVO. Now it features the 100 horsepower air-cooled twin with a new exhaust and with traction control.

Joining the Diavel at EICMA was the new Ducati Monster 1100 EVO.


One of Aprilia’s most popular models has been the Tuono and in 2011 it’s finally time for the new V4 version. The Tuono V4R gets a 162 horsepower version of the RSV4 engine, 110Nm (81.1 ft-lb.) of torque 1000rpm lower than on the superbike. Upright riding position and the full APRC electronics package as found on the RSV4 Factory APRC SE. The Tuono gets Sachs suspension front and back and Brembo brakes (expect a future Factory version with the full Ohlins suspension package and top spec Brembo brakes and lighter wheels) Dry weight is a claimed 179kg (394.6 pounds).

Aprilia tricked out the new Tuono V4R with the full APRC electronics package.

Aprilia also launched the new RS4 125 with an all new four stroke engine. This marks the end of a very successful 125cc 2-stroke era for Aprilia as there’ll be no more 125cc 2-strokes in the future. The RS4 50 battles on with a 50cc 2-stroke engine. Both lightweights get RSV4 design in nearly identical fairings as the big superbike. 130mm rear tires make sure they don’t look too small. (Ed. Expect to see it in American dealerships in late 2011!)

The Aprilia RS4 125, also known as the RSV4's Mini-Me.


Honda also showed a strong intention to convert our young ones into motorcyclists in launching a new CBR125R and CBR250R with Fireblade type fairings and fat 130mm (125) and 140mm (250) rear tires. The 250 single cylinder four-stroke engine is all new so expect decent performance and good fuel economy. The CBR250R is also available with ABS which could be a good investment for a young rider. (Ed. Also expect to see it in the U.S. in the spring.)

The newbie-friendly Honda CBR250R will be in U.S. dealerships in the spring.

Honda also showed an updated SH300i and new SilverWing T600 scooters and a concept called New Mid.

The new CBR600F marks a comeback for the supersport light bike. The engine derives from the CB600F Hornet and Honda has now got more “nice” bikes to choose from between the 6-800cc segment than anybody else. The design is all new and fresh and Honda will probably attract quite a few new riders with this bike.

The Honda CBR600R, unfortunately, won't be coming to North America. At least not this year.

The CB1000R has been updated with a new handlebar and changes to the headlight plus swanky new colors. (Ed. Another bike coming to America, but only in the non-swanky Pearl Black.)

Honda will finally import the CB1000R standad to North America in 2011.

The Crossrunner is supposed to be something new Honda claims. Well, perhaps they haven’t heard about the Multistrada yet because it’s the same thing minus 21st century electronics. Honda’s opted for its 800cc V4 engine. The seat height is 816mm (32.1 inches) and Honda has added a generous 21.5 liter (5.7 gallon) fuel tank. Kerb weight is a claimed 240kg (529 pounds).

The Crossrunner is Honda's new middleweight V4 option.

The Crosstourer concept is a bike that according to rumor is set to become a 2012 model with the 1200cc V4 engine from the VFR. Honda doesn’t want to scare people so they’ve made it look like a puppy rather than that brute GS look.

The Honda Crosstourer shown at EICMA was only a concept, but don't be surprised to see it in Honda's 2012 lineup.


BMW brought along three new models and a concept scooter. The single cylinder G650GS enduro is back in BMW’s line-up after a couple of years of parallel twin trickery. G means single cylinder in German as I‘m sure you already knew. The concept is ancient but still as good as it always was: a big single cylinder adventure machine that can do anything. The big ABS on/off button allows you to switch off for the off-road part in an easy way which is good news. I really hope other manufacturer takes notice of this splendid feature. Other than that BMW have brought nothing new into the world of singles. It’s the same 48hp and 60Nm (44 ft-lb.) of torque that’ll take you to a 170km/h top speed (106 mph).

BMW is bringing back the single-cylinder enduro with the G650GS.

The R 1200 R and Classic have been given the HP2 Sport engine upgrade for more of everything. The bikes differ in the colour schemes and the fact that the R 1200 R gets cast alloy wheels while the Classic get wire spoked wheels and other detail differences.

BMW updated its R1200R with a new engine and two design variants. Shown here is the Classic version.


Husqvarna surprised everybody with a 1000 V3 consisting of three Husky singles arranged two at the back and one at the front. The concept is called Mille 3 and is a sort of ultra low dirt track cruiser with fat road tires … I don’t think we’ll ever see it as a production machine, but one can hope.

The Husqvarna Mille 3 Concept will likely never see production.

Husqvarna launched its Supermoto range in the SMR 449/511/630 with new displacements, more power and torque and new fuel tank/air filter/rear shock layout. The 449 and 511 only weighs in at 118kg kerb weight minus fuel.


Benelli introduced the special edition TnT 1130 Centruy Racer to mark the brand's 100th anniversary.

Benelli celebrated its 100th anniversary with a special edition 1130 TnT. It’s all in the paint so the Chinese owner is still being very stingy with Benelli. Also on display were historic Benelli’s from the museum in Pesaro.


KTM and Stefan Pierer used the opportunity to launch its upgraded 1190 RC8 R with a 175hp engine and striking new colours. KTM won the manufacturer title in the German IDM superbike championship that we presume the German speaking world would know more about than we do. Bring the bike to where it matters we say.

The KTM 1190 RC8 R gets an update for 2011, claiming 175hp. Photo by Schedl R.

Heinz Kinigardner was on location to introduce the new 450 RR Rally replica that Marc Coma or Cyril Despres will win the Dakar race on next year. KTM also unveiled the latest version of the 990 Adventure Dakar adventure bike.

MV Agusta

Literbike goodies on a supersport? Introducing the MV Agusta F3.
The F3 is a beautiful bike but the models aren't bad either.
MV Agusta should get a price for making it easy for journalists to cover their new F3 675cc inline triple cylinder super sport. MV brought just one single bike and launched it unannounced in an Apple type white box. Two ladies, one bike and that was it.

The F3 will get traction control and solutions usually reserved for the literbike class. It will have more than 130 horsepower and will form the first of a range of 675cc mid sized motorcycles that will be a lot more affordable than any other MV Agusta has been in the past. According to our sources we’ll get to ride it next summer and it looks like it will hit the market as an early 2012 model.

Adrian Morton of CRC is the designer behind the F3. He’s been involved with designing triples in the past as he is also the man behind Benelli’s TnT and Toronado superbike. The design is very true to MV Agusta’s previous sportbikes, but everything is all new. Triple exhaust pipes and a steel trellis/aluminium chassis combi with a very sleek fairing are design highlights. The F3 will certainly be one of the hottest contenders for the most beautiful new bike launched at EICMA.


Triumph launched its Daytona 675R which features Ohlins suspension and Brembo monoblocks along with a carbon fiber fairing. Triumph also applied another Italian trick in painting the frame red.

Ohlins suspension, Brembo brakes, red frame. No, it's not Italian, it's the new Triumph Daytona 675R.

The Tiger 800 was Triumph’s highlight of the show and it launched the adventure version Tiger 800 XC at the same time. The XC looks like a proper off-road machine so this will be an interesting addition to the 2011 models. 94 horsepower from the new 799cc triple engine sets it up perfectly to welcome a larger displacement version in the future, just like BMW. The fuel tank holds 19 liters (5 gallons) on both models. The XC gets more suspension travel and knobby tires. It looks like Triumph means off-road business with the XC.

Triumph unveiled two new Tigers at EICMA. Pictured is the Tiger 800.

Moto Guzzi

The Moto Guzzi Stelvio NTX gets a number of updates including an 8.45 gallon fuel tank.

Moto Guzzi had very limited with news for us and it is because Piaggio are in the process of finishing a massive new investment into the classic Mandello del Lario based company. A new factory and a host of brand new models are in the pipeline. In the meantime we had to settle for the 20th anniversary Nevada Anniversario with a special paint job and styling than the Classic and the Stelvio NTX with the 8V engine. The NTX also gets a new headlight fairing with a new windshield. Also in place is the big 32 liter (8.45 gallon) fuel tank.


Piaggio showed a completely revamped Beverly scooter and the Beverly 10th Anniversary model (featuring the 500cc 40hp engine version). Piaggio has sold more than 270,000 Beverly scooters and without such sales we wouldn’t see Aprilia and Moto Guzzi in the healthy state they are in now. So thank you Beverly.

The Piaggio MP3 Yourban will be availble in the U.S. under the name MP3 City.

The MP3 Yourban is Piaggio’s latest addition to its expanding 3-wheeler range (Ed. It’ll be known as the MP3 City in North America). The Yourban is basically a more sporty-styled MP3 for the younger public interested in this vehicle that Piaggio have sold 80,000 units of worldwide since its 2006 launch.


In the evening I attended Pirelli’s press conference concerning their new Diablo Rosso II allround sport tire in a castle outside of Milan. Lots of motorcycling royalty were present such as Ducati’s CEO and President Gabriele del Torchio and Claudio Domenicale, Carlos Checa and Tony Cairoli and several dignitaries with their super hot escorts. I was at a table with some Scandinavian colleagues and the Harley-Davidson design team (don’t ask…). They were very secretive as usual but I bemused myself in the fact that the delicious fish risotto didn’t go down too smoothly on the US side of the table. Seriously, those new Pirelli’s will be great when I get to test them but for most attending it was a social event and a free meal.

My night ended in a grotty nightclub in Milan with some friends buying 10 euro drinks. I’m thankful it’s a whole year until the next time I have to do this. Ciao.

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