Daytona Bike Week 1996

Rain Sucks...

So does freezing cold temperatures, both of which combined to turn the latter part of Daytona's '96 Bike Week festivities into a sloshy, cold, G-rated mess. This quickly put an end to all the hell-raising and partying and sent everyone home early. But hey, isn't this Florida, the Sunshine State? You bet it is - the weather can't be bad all the time, and mid-week it was picture perfect. Main Street was a wall-to-wall sea of denim, leather, and chrome. Bike Week represents different things to different people -- for many, it's the thrills and spills of racing on the high banks - the Daytona 200 - the largest motorcycle racing event in the world.

"Races? What races? Hell, I came here to party!"

But for hundreds of thousands of Harley bikers and babes, it's a celebration. A week-long, non-stop, alcohol-fueled festival. Ask any biker dude down on Main Street if he's been to the races, and he'll say, "Races? What races? Hell, I came here to party!" And, of course, Motorcycle Online was there, cameras in hand to show you that, as always during Bike Week, clothing was still optional.


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