2003 Myrtle Beach Spring Rally

The middle of May means one thing to bikers on the East Coast and beyond. It's time to gear up and head to Myrtle Beach, SC for the Carolina Harley Davidson Dealers Association Rally.

Although this rally doesn't get the hype that Daytona and Sturgis get, it's been held for 62 years and gets bigger and better every year. For the last few years attendance has ranged between 250,000 and 300,000 strong, and because the rally encompasses around 60 miles, you don't get the congestion you may see at other rallies. Also, the road improvements and the new bypass have made getting around the area a breeze.

One thing you won't get in Myrtle Beach is bored. It's WFO all week. There are so many different venues; it would take you the whole week just to sample the variety of attractions available. Okay, now that I've bored you with all the Chamber of Commerce spiel, let's get down to some of the subjects that might interest a lot of MO readers. First off, no helmets required in South Carolina.

Flingin' some luvin' your way!
"Ooooo-oooo, that smell, can't ya smell that smell?"
Suddenly, I wanted a large glass of milk...
You may have your opinion on this; mine is 'thanks for the choice.' They also have this great law which requires the bars to use airplane type liqueur bottles when making drinks. This means you actually get around a shot and a half every drink. This seems to lead to a high level of general merriment, and for some reason an abundance of nudity. You gotta love those bible belters. Beads and bulls seem to be the most popular entertainment props. I'm not sure why the ladies feel the need to be topless while riding a mechanical bull, but hey, what do I know, maybe it's for balance. And how about those magic beads? If I would have known it only took cheap plastic beads to get a sweet young thing to bare her beauties, I could have saved a fortune on dinners and movies all these years.

There are dozens of biker theme bars and restaurants in the area, many of which are new and very large, and have all the usual diversions you would expect at a major bike rally. I won't list all the hot spots, but some of my favorites are, Broadway at the Beach, Suck Bang Blow the original and the new Suck Bang Blow Four Corners, The Dog House north and south, HD Spokes Saloon, Hawg Wild, and one of my personnel favorites, B&M Roadhouse (it's stumbling distance from my hotel). Check out their web sites for more info and plenty of pictures.

Everyone I talked to had a great time and no one wanted the week to end. They also promised to be back again next year and many will be at the fall rally. How can you beat a week of good weather, great people, and a vacation resort like Myrtle Beach? With over 60,000 rooms, 1600 eateries, and some of the cleanest beaches in the country along the Carolina coast, it's a great place to visit. I should also add that the cost of lodging, food and drink is a whole lot cheaper than the big two.

So if you've done Daytona and made the pilgrimage to Sturgis, you owe it to yourself to experience the 3rd largest rally, Myrtle Beach.

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