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Specialty Recreation & Marine, LLC Reviews Write A Review

Tim Bretthauer (I am a Customer)
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Aug. 01, 2013
I bought a 2012 Yamaha 125 scooter from you guys.I felt your mechanic didn't do his job ( by the way what I understand he no longer works there for what ever reason) I had my scooter in there for a hole that got put underneath the thing so dust got in it and the rollers had to be replace. the thing is he showed me where the the belt was worn a bit, but said its ok and had the new one sitting right there but refused to put it on. it was ok at first but after a 10 or so miles I started to feel the shimmer but just slightly at first but as time went on it got worst. the thing is it didn't get real bad until abut 4 months latter I tried to get it in there but as always this time of year theres a week or more way so finally I took it to another dealer they found out the belt was stretched out and needed to be replaced. I called and talked to Yamaha directly they told me when that first happen the mechanic should have measured it to see if it was ok like the place its at now did, but to my knowledge he didn't just put the old one back on. when I called the service manager he said they stretch out at certain miles , but according to yamaha that does usealy happen unless something caused it like the rollers getting dust in them and faltening the rollers out. he also said the belts they use have way high specs. so your service mangers opion is I should have brought it in witch I did stop in the back and got air in the tires and talked to that mechanic who was still working there at that time witch was about 5 or 6 weeks ago I told him about it all he said was probably nothing but I would have to make a appointment witch was a two week wait. another reason I didn't want to bring it back in was because you guys charge $ 90 a hour so like before if it was a 2 hour job then that would of been $180. the place its at now the same job at there place and they are a Yamaha dealer would only be a 1.5 hour job witch at there rate witch is $64 a hour that would have been a total of $96 I don't know what your time is for just putting a belt on is but there is 1 hour. So that's another reason I took it there. So in all I got a good bike and runs great but I feel like the mechanic should have replaced the belt, and Yamaha agrees with me after they took a measurement and if it was found off.