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3290 N. U.S. Hwy. 441
Ocala, Florida

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Louis (I am a Customer)
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May. 13, 2016
On 5/11/ 2016 I called the Dealership (during business Hrs) and tried to get a sales person, I let it ring more than 10 times each time. but no one ever answered. I had their Web-Site up in front of me and a window popup kept coming up with a question from a lady if she could help me. I ignored it for a while because I wanted to speak to a sales person.

I finally gave in, typed the stock number of the Bike I wanted with a few questions about availability and possible shipping charges. (I called from 200 miles from the store location.) She responded that the bike showed available, but she needed to check with her manager to see if they were possibly working a deal at this moment. Seemed reasonable with me.

After a while she typed that she needed my email address, I supplied it, Then she wanted my phone number, I supplied it, then she wanted my name, I gave her my first name, then she wanted to know where I had seen the bike, I supplied it, then she wanted to know if I was paying cash or needed to finance, I said I will pay cash, then she wanted my last name.

At this point, I typed that she had enough info just to ask if the bike was available yes or no. If they had nothing working on it I was going drive the 200 mile to the dealership and purchase the bike. She said that they needed to call me back with an answer. It is now 24 hours later and I received NO return calls.

In my opinion this is totally unprofessional and shows that they do not care about a potential customer if the deal is a little more work than normal. I will refuse to call back again and I will take my business somewhere else.
John (I am a Customer)
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May. 13, 2014
Check Bluebook or Edmunds prices for used motorcycles before buying, RideNow inflates their prices way above the actual value. I wish I had done my homework before overpaying them.
bill (I am a Customer)
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Apr. 26, 2013

BUYER BEWARE!!! BUYER BEWARE!!! I bought two bikes from them and both had below required levels on fluids, and they charge $679 pre delivery fee for WHAT? Scott the manager, and Tom the sales guy are both in my opinion are NOT honest buisness people. They do not care about previous customers and even after going to the owner still would not work with me. They tried to say a Yamaha that was 6 years old was still worth the original MSRP of $8500 with 27,000 miles on it. Again,, the worse service I have ever been through. Oh,,,let me also add that they charge $110 dollars an hour for service labor!!! and I thought it was just a Honda, NOT A Ferrari. When they came up with the final figures to purchase the Yamaha, none of the figures added up, and my wife is an certified ACCOUNTANT !!!! If you go there, take your own can of Vaseline!!

They even went as far as to take down my review of there buisness practices on there own personal site. When this company goes out of biusness it will be a pleasure to watch and I hope they all loose there jobs. When you treat people like this company does,,,then you should get every thing that comes with it. Very BAD buisness practices. DO NOT DO BUISNESS with RIDE NOW OF OCALA,,,,,DO NOT !!!!!