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Northstar Powersports Reviews Write A Review

Bill Smith (I am an Employee of this Dealer)
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Jun. 07, 2017
I am writing in response to Bob who claims Northstar did not put oil in his RZR during first service.
What Bob did not tell you is that the first service was done 2 years ago and he brings the unit in this spring (2017) and the engine won't run because it is out of oil. The RZR 570 owners manual calls for the first oil change at 25 hours or 1 month after purchase. Following oil changes are at 100 hours or every 6 months which ever comes first. For him to run the unit for 2 years and ignore his responsibility of changing/checking the oil during that time is asking for trouble. The customer called Polaris on this event and they told him it is his responsibility to check the oil before each ride and that it would not have run for the 30 hours that he claims if we had not put oil in the unit 2 years ago.
After being made aware of this event I reach out to Bob but he never called me back.
Bill Smith
General Manager
Bob (I am a Customer)
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Jun. 07, 2017
The dealership has good sales people but don't ever get any maintenance or repairs done at this dealership. Two experiences, one they forgot to tighten the bolts in the head of my four wheeler. I also bought a brand new Razr 570 from Northstar and part of the warranty was to have first oil change done by dealer. They picked up the Razr and did the first maintenance as dictated by Polaris. Polaris recommends 100 hours for oil changes and after 30 hours the motor blows up. Northstar did not put any oil back in the machine and then would not stand behind the poor service. Please beware this service department from the top to the bottom has issues. If you buy something from them take it somewhere else to be serviced.
SLiNGSHOT OWNER (I am a Customer)
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Aug. 20, 2015
Rick Rice (I am an Employee of this Dealer)
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Jul. 24, 2014
North Star Power Sports is a excellent place to work for and to buy from. Everyone here wants the customer to be completely satisfied with there purchase. Whether it is a new ATV/RZR/RNG/DIRT BIKE/MOTORCYCLE, or parts for there unit. I currently work in the parts department at North Star, Out of the jobs I've had in my life time Bill and his son Doug are very nice people to work for. I have been to many dealerships since I race motocross and everyone at North Star Power Sports are very passionate about what they do. I bought my 2014 KX 250f from here and have had no issues with it what so ever. If you stop by North Star you will see we want you to be satisfied.
Jimmy Woodford (I am a Customer)
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Aug. 10, 2013
Northstar power sports is a great dealer. I worked there for 4 years ( I left on my own terms to go work for my brothers company, nothing against the dealership). I still freqent this dealership for all my racing needs, and new bike purchases as it is one of the best dealers around. The staff is very knowlegable of there product, and there pricing is great. I currently race for this dealership and was there this past week to pick up my 2014 kx250f. I plan to countinue to frequent this dealer for years to come. And have never had a problem with service, or with the owners when i did work there, i would even work there again if down the road the oppertunity arouse. All i have to say about this dealer is good, go there and you will be very satisfied!!!!
William Smith (I am an Employee of this Dealer)
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Aug. 07, 2013
I am not writing a review of Northstar Power Sports but I am responding to the comments of JD in the earlier review. My name is Bill Smith and I am president and CEO of Northstar Power sports.
While I do not positively know who JD is, I do know he has never been an employee and I suspect he is a friend of two employees who were fired from our dealership 2 years ago. As with any dealership we have had to let employees go, usually for failure to perform their duties that reflect the standards of the company. We did fire an employee who was caught stealing and subsequently pleaded guilty in court to theft. We believe JD is a friend of this employee.

As to the other accusations, yes we had demo rzr that was turned on its side on gravel with very minor damage,( scratches on the roll cage) This unit was later sold as a demo at a significant discount to the customer.

We have all test rode new bikes but as I have ridden for 40 years I can not remember anytime that I have abused a new bike as JD described.

As we have grown we have indeed built additions and constructed detention (retention) ponds, all by a contractor under the authority of a city building permit and required government inspections.

I have been in business for 38 years and we take safety very seriously. Both employee and customer safety. In addition we and our manufacturers, track customer satisfaction daily and address any problems or customer concerns immediately with intentions of making customers happy. We pole every customer who buys a unit from us and they score our performance and customer satisfaction. Our average over the last 2 years is 97.9% which is very good in the industry.

I hope that everyone who reads these reviews understand that anyone can write anything, true of false, with out consequence especially when they don't honestly identify themselves. If you are a past, current or prospective customer of Northstar and have any questions please call me at 724 962 6001 x111 and I will be happy to answer any question you have.
JD (I am an Employee of this Dealer)
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Aug. 04, 2013
Complete crooks!! Bill and Doug , the owner and his son, are as crooked as they come. I watched as they senselessly fired many great employees and took advantage of their customers. They have personally taken a "Razor" out and rolled it doing thousands of dollars worth of damage, and sold it as a new demo. They also have prepped new machines (w/o following their manufacturers guidelines) and as soon as a sport bike was initially fired up tore off nearly redlining it when it had 5-10 miles on it!! The motors were not even warm yet! There are to many faults to list but please go anywhere else for your purchases!!!
They feel that the rules don't apply to them, as they have dug illegal retention ponds, built an illegal loft to store machines, added onto another building against code, and stored gasoline inside and just outside the building. I seen some time ago 55 gallon drums of 115 octane race fuel sitting against the side of a cheap steel building!! Not very safe when a tire machine and hydraulic press was directly on the other side... They have no regard for anyone's safety and I would use extreme caution in dealing with them.