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Megan love (I am a Customer)
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Oct. 14, 2013
My classmates told me don't get a 4 strokes, but for the lowers price in town on a moped with a year of guaranty sounds to me like a fair deal to give it a shot, after all I don't have that much money to spend. I went to the store and the guys that work there were really friendly, I didn't get my moped that day because I was a bit scare of buying so fast, the sales guy give me a business card, he didn't push me or tried to convince me to get a moped that day, and that give me a good impression. Back home I went on line and read the reviews here, so many positives reviews I was sure that place was save to purchase my moped, so a couple of days later I went back and buy one. 2 months later, my moped died. I call and schedule and appointment to check what was wrong with the moped, and I was schedule for one week later. I was disappointed because I was running late to class all the time during that week. Finally they fix my moped and two or three weeks later broke again. Call back to fix it. This time the schedule me for three days late, then I get my moped back, but after riding it for a few days it begun to give me more problems, I had to kick started all the time I wanted to run. This time I took it to an mechanic to fix, the guy told me the fuse was burn because an electrical problem cause because an fix I did to the moped. Back when I buy the moped the sales guy offers me to make my moped faster fixing one piece to make it run fast, he told me it was illegal cause mopeds should not run faster than I don't remember how many mph, and he charge me like $50 for that. Well, that was all the problem. The mechanic also told me that brand have a lot off issues and that store have many complains and that they probably pays ppl and have friends and families doing good reviews for them. He suggest me to sell it and buy something better quality, maybe used but better brand. He also told me 2 strocks are spencer. Well, I sold the moped to a guy at school, a few days ago he approach to me telling me the moped dies all the time and he have to be always kick starting it. I don't wanna get another moped now, I have seem a lot of people get their moped stollen or getting into accidents, I think is safer to work more and save for a car. For now I'm back to riding my bicycle.