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Maxey's Motorsports Reviews Write A Review

Darrell Maddux (I am a Customer)
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Nov. 11, 2018
With the internet the days of an uninformed customer are over.
To say these people are CROOKED would be an Understatement.
Experienced a Minor parking lot accident.
Broke the left mirror and fairing stay and fairing.
Had it estimated at Maxey’s Power sports (Yamaha).
Cost their parts plus labor to replace ?
Cost for same parts from Partszilla.
Plus $230.00 labor on Installation.
Difference of 2,213.70.
They must believe Customers have "STUPID" tattooed on their foreheads.
If Anyone does business with these people you deserve what you get.

Tony Maxey
Chat Conversation Start
8:14 PM
Sir, we are not “CROOKED” We’ve been doing business over 55 years. I’m really sorry for the experience you had at my shop. We are a OEM factory authorized dealer. When customers get an estimate from an OEM dealer they are quoted factory pricing. I guarantee you wouldn’t submit a Partszilla parts quote to your insurance company. You would want it to be replaced with factory parts and to factory standards. We do not think you or any other customer is stupid, we understand there are cheaper aftermarket parts from aftermarket companies online. We would kindly appreciate if you would remove your reviews because we performed the job you asked and gave you the estimate to repair to factory standards. We are not out to screw people and cause ill intentions. I’m sorry for your experience. What can I do to make this right and get you to remove the reviews?
- Tony Maxey

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Your company has bought the bad publicity that it justly deserves.
Partzilla parts are OEM parts.

How what did we do. You asked for an estimate and we gave it to you

For $148.00
That in itself is nuts.
The review stands…..
As a lesson you might change your business model.
The only thing your upset about is your caught and now made public.
Ever wonder why you don't get repeat business.....

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Wow. $148 is expensive to you for an estimate? Sorry to hear that. 😱 This is far from a lesson for me, it’s just dealing with a cheap little guy. Maybe you should fly to Japan, you might be able to find the parts a little cheaper there. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 55 years in business... my business model won’t change. After 55 years it’s pretty obvious we have repeat business. If you’re interested in a job so you can have money to pay for things let me know. We are always looking for positive people like yourself. πŸ˜‰ good day pennies.
James (I am a Customer)
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Jul. 19, 2013
I bought a brand new FZ6 from them and rode it around for a few miles before leaving it in my garage and going out of town for the weekend. After returning, the battery didn't have enough charge to start it. I'd end up push-starting it to get it to start and the battery wouldn't hold a charge. I called the service counter to get this taken care of and they said it would take a month and a half before they could even look at it!

I called their sales department and said I was returning the motorcycle and that was the only way I could get them to take care of the problem the same day. Service people had a real bad attitude about it.
David Wallis (I am a Customer)
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Nov. 27, 2012
I will not shop there again! I brought a battery for a Polaris Ranger ($180) the salesman SAID I could use a 2 amp Battery Tender to charge it. It blows up, there is a hole in the side of it. They will not stand on the warranty now!