Matto Cycle Inc.

Rated #48 in Pennsylvania
634 Port Carbon St. Clair Hwy
Pottsville, Pennsylvania
We Carry: Honda KTM
User Reviews
  • By  (I am an Employee of this Dealer) on Dec 12, 2013

    Note to any other dealers or customers

    I would strongly urge caution doing business with RYAN GERNERT of Schuylkill Haven. We up here at Matto's got burnt terrible by him. We fixed his quad over the tail end of winter of 2012 in our service shop. During the long process of doing the ...

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  • By  (I am a Customer) on Jun 07, 2013

    had my atv in for repair work, was given it back not fixed, got home and woul;dn't even start! had to go back, spent a 100 bucks in gas going back and forth!

    I had to take it back, after finding out it didn't run!!

    then after 3 + weeks, got it back, missing plastic clips on many parts, ...

    they never even tried to remove or replace them!, and then was also missing some bolts and nuts holding parts together, and last the parts they replaced, were aftermarket parts not OEM, was never asked if I cared!, ??? and were not even mounted corectly,had my CDI box dangling off its wires? hitting my tire as I drove???

    and the very last, they were asked to fix and replace two oil leaks, and they never touched them

    even after having it apart and having it for almost a full month, WTH !!

    I will say they were friendly folks, but after spending almost a grand on a repair and having to put it back together and buy clips and nuts and bolts myself??

    , and not even being fixed for all of what it was there for??

    I cannot say I would go back for a repait again!!

    sorry, but paying for services and not getting them, sucks and is not good business practice if you ask me in this modern age!

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