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Josh L. (I am a Customer)
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Jul. 29, 2019
Since 11/2018, I've had the unpleasant experience of working with Kissimmee Motorsports.  In all fairness, the sales rep I spoke to over the phone and worked with in the store was nice and helpful, the service team for accessories was polite, and the finance team was seemed likable at the time.  Based on first impressions, I was satisfied and decided to trust everyone within the store.  This was a HUGE mistake.  First, I found out the sales rep gave me the incorrect information about bike features (even though it’s stated in the manual), but I decided to let it go because the 2018 Ninja 400 ABS KRT Edition was a brand new model and mistakes happen.  PRIOR to signing any paperwork, I stated multiple times that I would be moving to Texas and taking the bike with me (16 hours away).  The finance rep, Carlos, gave me a rundown of what I was signing so I didn’t have to be there for a ton of time.  I appreciated the gesture very much.  By no means should I have. I later found out he had me sign a NON-TRANSFERRABLE and NON-CANCELABLE prepaid maintenance plan that can ONLY BE USED AT KISSIMMEE MOTORSPORTS FOR $1,499.00!

I contacted the GM to see if anything could be done since I’m am in Texas.  The GM who has been very professional said he’d reach out to the warranty company to see if an exception can be granted, but no progress has been made because “he hasn’t heard back from the warranty rep”. This was after nearly 3 weeks from my initial conversation with him.  Next on the list: I find out that an employee stationed in the parts department sold me the incorrect tinted visor for my helmet.  This just added fuel to the fire. Last on the list occurred while speaking to a gentleman named Robert Greg.  According to him, he’s the GM’s number 2 (which turned out to be false).  While on the phone with him, he decided to place the blame on me instead of even pretending to have some empathy.  His comment to me was “You said you’re a detail oriented person, so I assume you read everything before you signed it. So, what’s the issue?”  HIs comment was in a demeaning tone as if I was beneath him and he’s never made a mistake in his life. This sent me over the edge with everything. After going back and forth, Mr. Greg placed me on hold for 15 minutes before he got me the service manager.  I spoke to a gentlemen named Mr. Cruz who turned out to be the most kind and apologetic person employed at Kissimmee Motorsports that I have dealt with thus far.  He not only listened, he understood my frustrations and seemed genuine.  He even agreed with me that Mr. Greg was unprofessional and did not follow policy for working with a customer.  Even if this was fake empathy, it was greatly appreciated.  After this incident, I was able to reach the GM (Norm) to fill him in on everything.  He provided me with the company information that the prepaid servicing is through.  After speaking to multiple RPMOne representatives, I was unhappy to find out the company (RPMOne) has no history of this contract.  Nothing could be found for a prepaid service plan by the contract number or the VIN of the motorcycle.  After explaining this to Norm, who turns out to be one of the two owners of Kissimmee Motorsports, he flat out said there’s nothing he can do for me.  Now I am stuck with a prepaid service plan only usable at Kissimmee Motorsports. The unwillingness to help is overwhelming, especially since there has not been one service done to the bike. It still only has approximately 300 miles on it to this day. With that being said, my frustrations will be left here as well as other platforms for others to read. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and am already in touch with Kawasaki. All of my contacts located near the dealer will hear about this as well. If everything had gone smoothly from the start, I would’ve stuck with Kissimmee Motorsports and had future purchases shipped to Texas, but now I wouldn’t recommend this place for even the most of simple of tasks.  Kissimmee Motorsports is NOT customer service oriented.  Kissimmee Motorsports is only concerned with taking money and screwing the customer.  With all that being said, kudos to whoever reads this whole review. Sales and the finance team are groups which lack communication while making shady deals, the parts employees may be careless, Norm unwilling to correct the mistakes of his employees, and the staff needs to be reconstructed from the top down and ground up.