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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Hy-Pro Scooters Powersports Reviews Write A Review

HA HA HA - good grief what is up with that guy (I am a Customer)
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May. 25, 2016
Looking for a Vespa or similar for this summer and came across Dave's reviews. What a comedian, calling everyone else Grumpy and referring to THEIR behavior as inappropriate. Needless to say, I am not at all discouraged from checking this place out and even communicating with old men who are bald, that is if they happen to be the owners. If they can put up with obnoxious families who practically ransack their store who then write sh***y reviews, then obviously the owners possess a great deal of patience. (Hey, Dave, don't forget to come here daily and hit the "I don't like you" button. I wish they had one that indicated "who the **** cares."
Dave (I am a Customer)
Helpful? 13  3
Jul. 11, 2012
I'm actually sorry if Donna is not an employee of this company. They might have had a bad day when I walked in. Maybe I was a little hard on them but Donna is a little to insertive on these reviews I this place, if I knew how to remove my older review I would because they have rectified the problem with me but Donna is just plain annoying and I'm sorry that Donna is just making it seem like she is an employee. Thanks for helping me with this problem but please Donna do not make fun of me or my family because I wrote a bad review. Just deal with it, I will now rate them 5 stars now but please Donna stop sticking your nose in where it does not belong. Thanks by pro!
Donna (I visited this Dealer)
Helpful? 4  24
Jul. 09, 2012
I'm assuming the McDonalds play-gym must have been closed. It always amazes me that people let their kids run amok.

I've been to this dealer and they were super nice and answered all my questions.

I'd be willing to bet that there's a lot more to this story.
Dave (I visited this Dealer)
Helpful? 12  5
Jul. 08, 2012
Very very very rude and ignorant to say the least, when we first walked in we were welcomed by a smirk by a guy walking past, I ten began to look at quads while my sister an her two kids looks elsewhere. An old bald guy then walked in which I assume is the owner and had nothing but head shakes because my nephew wanted to sit on a quad. I then asked if it was okay for him to sit there, I was then. Completely ignored like I wasn't Even there.  So then y nephew wants to get off and accidentally hits a handle with his foot on the quad the grumpy old bald guy then shakes his head and very rudely says " are you going to pay for that when he breaks it?" I then was very mad because why do they have small quads if kids cannot sit on them? I then walked out and went down the street to Bohn Yamaha where I was nicely greeted and was showed the way to what I wanted.  I will never go back there again because everybody there is always nothing but grumpy. If you didn't have cheap crap in your store maybe you wouldn't have to worry about it breaking.  Theres a reason why your stuff is cheaper than others, it's because it is all nothing but crap. Do yourself a favor an never walk into this scam of a place where you get ignored like the plague because the guy doesn't can't get off his hind quarters to help a customer , I'm paying the extra money to get a better machine and I hope if you have any children under the age of like 15 you would do the same.