Electric City Harley-Davidson Buell

Rated #60 in Pennsylvania
1534 Scranton Carbondale Hwy (Business Route 6)
Scranton, Pennsylvania
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  • By No (I am a Customer) on Jul 29, 2023

    We bought a bike from ECHD a year ago, I’ve had nothing but issues with it since day one. It broke down and left us stranded multiple times. I had to get it towed home multiple times. The DAY I picked it up, it died on me. I have a video of it sputtering and stalling out an HOUR after I got it. When ...

    money to replace parts that I found out later did not need to be replaced. He offered me a “great deal” on said parts because they had “meant to fix the bike before they sold it”, but apparently did not get around to it, nor did they feel the need to tell me about all the issues. 

    Tyler told me about the bike having cams and other engine work done to it, only to find out it only had an after market tuner. Zero engine work. He also gave me a song and dance about his tech putting my bike on the dyno and fine tuning it, then I find out all they did was flash the stock factory tune on it. 

    I had to get ahold of the owner, Tommy Hannum, to let him know what was going on at his dealership because I am FAR from the only customer that has experienced this. He had me take the bike back to fix everything.

    I took the bike in for service for the fourth time for the same issues, Tyler came back and told me they tightened some bolts, however the wobble, shake, and instability at highway speeds was because the tires were never balanced. I was told they do NOT balance tires before selling a bike, and they would not be putting a tire on. 

    I was also told I would get a demo bike to try out while my bike was being worked on, however when I asked about it, all I got was people shrugging and being told “we do not do that here.” Or “I have never heard about that before.” Miscommunication? It all checked out with my previous experiences at this dealership

    So, thanks to Tommy Hannum for attempting to rectify everything, however; the staff at ECHD kept doing what they do best - Dodging questions, misdirecting, and spewing BS to try and skirt out from under the responsibility of standing behind their product and representing the brand. 

    I ended up fixing the bike myself, even after their “certified tech” looked at it multiple times and did not find what the actual problem was: a dry rotted hose and tuning. They could not figure out that a hose was shot! Maybe I should go be one of these “master techs”?

    Stay far away from this dealership, I know we will. We will never set foot, much less spend a dime in there again. I don’t even have to say that I’ll scream this story from the rooftops, because (this isn’t a word of hyperbole) every single person I tell either has a similar story, or knows someone who does. How is this place still open?

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