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Covina, California

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Angel (I am a Customer)
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May. 29, 2014
I used to buy from them back when they were small dealer on Foothill, but now that there are one if not the bigest dealer, they suck (at least in their sales dept) (their parts too) not sure of their service, never have tried them, well any way, a while back I wanted to buy 3 new quads and had about 3k for down, they said I need it more, my credit was so bad, I could only buy one, bla, bla, bla, their prices were high and on top of that, their mark up was even worse, and on top of that they charge a assembly fee, ( I believed there was also a delivery fee, can't remember) well after dealing with this yung kid as a saless men for 2 hours and nothing was done, I went to Mountain Motorsport, walk in told the sales guy what I wanted and what I had for down,,,we negotiotated on the price, and drove off with 3 quads in less than 2 hrs, I been happy with what I got and how they taken care of my bikes, I now own 11 bikes/quads and never have been back to burts
Jerry (I am a Customer)
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Apr. 25, 2014
TO HANK who said he paid $135.00 for a bad tire valve and is upset because he did......WHY did you pay that if you KNEW it was a bad tire valve??

I smell a BS story.
Hank (I am a Customer)
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Apr. 09, 2014
I went to the store to repair my honda vtx1300r tire for valve leaking ( two times - and I told them I think it is valve leaking ) however they charged me $135 .. I really don't know how can I trust them at all..
John hoss (I am a Customer)
Helpful? 8  1
Oct. 30, 2013
Have purchased here before but that was 2 years ago , but now they are the WORST dealership ever. You would think they would take the opportunity to build up their business
after surviving the last few years but instead they just jerk you around until they squeeze every last nickel out of you. They are arrogant, rude and refuse to show respect if you ask them to put the deal in writing so you can understand what the are charging for.So if like talking to five different people and spending 6 yes SIX hours trying to spent $25,000 Bert's Mega Mall is the place.
gixerkiller (I am a Customer)
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Feb. 17, 2013
These morons kept me and my friend there for 5 hrs just to buy a bike. The first price was 3k over MSRP and they gave a lame excuse of limited paint color, then after the price was settled at MSRP they tried to tack on a service plan and extended warranty at 5k....After some major brow beating and several threats to call Yamaha Corporate Dealer Services they backed down and sold us the bike.

The kids that performed the delivery knew nothing about the bike and just looked at the checklist and tried to find the locations, then the proceeded to tie down the bike by wrapping the throttle sleeve with the tie down cracked the throttle tube.

Another shop that exhibits the worst of the industry. no customer care, no customer service, no feeling, it is all about the size of the wallet there.