A-1 Fun Cycles

Rated #17 in Tennessee
151 North First St.
Nashville, Tennessee
We Carry: Hyosung
User Reviews
  • By  (I am a Customer) on Aug 30, 2019

    I had the absolute BEST EXPERIENCE as a customer here. I'm looking at the reviews and seeing that some of them are negative, but rest assured that those are not the case. I've really wanted a 50cc scooter for a while, and happened to stumble upon A1 Fun Cycles. I walked in and Brian immediately started ...

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  • By  (I am a Customer) on Jun 06, 2018

    I took my go cart in to get a new break caliper put on..he charged me almost 500$ for a 50 dollar part then I go back an hour later to get my go cart to find out that my breaks were not properly installed..plus I was told my go cart was not safe to ride I had bolts missing out of my break system ...

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  • By  (I am a Customer) on May 05, 2016

    As described in other statements above. Steer clear of this business due to very low knowledge and excuses of no justification. This place should be shut down instead of stealing peoples money and time...... I also picked up my bike after 2 weeks. The only reason they had my bike is to prove that ...

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  • By  (I am a Customer) on Jun 03, 2015

    Bought a four wheeler from there an was promised the next day it would b ready an after two weeks it finely was ready after I told him just give my money back show up to get my money an after three hours I got my four wheeler after two good rides it broke the can change after talking to tommy dropped ...

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  • By  (I visited this Dealer) on Aug 12, 2013

    I had one experience with this place. A friend of mine had a new motorcycle which I used to borrow. He only rode it a few hundred miles before putting it in storage for a year. I got him to sell it to me while it was stored. He not only paid storage fees, but also regular maintenance fees to ...

    I paid him his money, went to get the bike which wouldn't start. It was dark and fiddling with the carbs I finally made it home. Next morning in the daylight I was shocked!! The bike not only had not been maintained, but new parts taken off and replaced with old parts. When the four carbs were replaced, the "mechanic" never even re-installed the circular clip springs on the rubber intake boots!

    The gas tank was leaking gas, and showed a crude bondo repair on the rusted out bottom --- like the new carburetors, the gas tank had been swapped out too. These are just two items; the entire bike had been raided for its new parts which were replaced with defective parts.

    I took detailed photos and made a full-page list of swapped out parts. And, that was the end of it. I was never a customer of this place and had to standing to complain, my friend already had his money and wasn't a confrontational fellow to begin with.

    For a joke, I asked the owner's price for a used Kawasaki voltage regulator. He quoted $250, not knowing I'd already bought it elsewhere for $35.

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  • By  (I am a Customer) on Jun 06, 2013

    I visited this so called retailer today and got the runaround for an hour and a half. Was told one price and then another twice the price of new for a used part and listened to the owner tommy curse an employee for no reason in front of a lobby of customers. I proceeded to let him know I wasn't going ...

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