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  • How do I post an ad for my used motorcycle? back
    If you're a private seller you just need to visit our Build Your Listing section and fill out the information on your used motorcycle – it’s quick and easy. If you're a dealer, head to our Create Dealer Profile section and fill out your company and billing information before building your listing.
  • Who is eligible to post an ad for a used motorcycle on Motorcycle Classifieds? back
    If you are over the age of 18. Please see [Q: How do I post an ad for my used motorcycle?] and get started.
  • How long will my Motorcycle Classified appear? back
    Your Motorcycle Classified will be active for 30 days. After 30 days, your listing will expire automatically.
  • Where will my Motorcycle Classified ads appear? back
    Your ads will appear on our Used Motorcycles for Sale section.
  • How do I benefit from using Motorcycle Classifieds? back is the most popular and heavily trafficked Motorcycle site on the Web. This is the best place to sell your used motorcycle because more visitors will be viewing your ads at Motorcycle Classifieds than anywhere else on the Internet.
  • How do I maximize my chance of selling my used motorcycle...are there any tips you have? back
    Well, you definitely need to use photos of your used motorcycle to draw attention. You also have to include as many specific details as possible. We've made this easy by including the important categories in our Product Information section when you Build Your Listing.
  • Does Motorcycle Classifieds provide any form of buyer/seller protection in the event of a problem? back
    Issues related to the buyer and seller transactions are at your own risk and responsibility. Motorcycle Classifieds will not intervene in disputes or issues related to the sale of products or merchandise or the conditions of the sale. We do, however, encourage each party to do his/her due diligence and make sure the conditions of sale, payment and the quality of goods purchased or sold are clearly defined and understood.
  • How do I edit or delete my Motorcycle Classified ad? back
    Once you’ve submitted your ad, you may not make changes. This makes it especially important to preview your classified ad and ensure it's an accurate description of your used motorcycle. To delete a classified ad, please send us an email and we’ll help you.
  • How do I contact Motorcycle Classifieds staff? back
    If you just go to our Contact Us Page, you'll find ways to contact Motorcycle Classifieds.
  • How do I change my password? back
    First you need to have an account and you need to login. Once you are logged in, then you can go to the My Account page, and edit your profile. If you've forgotten your password, click on the "Forgot" option and you'll receive a confirmation email (to your registered email address) and a new password. Click on the link (on the email you receive) and you'll be directed to your My Account page and from there you may change your password.
  • Which picture/graphic file formats do you support? back
    The following graphic file formats are supported: JPEG, TIFF, GIF, and PNG.
    File size is limited to 1MB per image and each will be resized automatically.
  • Why are my photos automatically resized? back
    Many electronic photos tend to be large, quite often in the mega pixel range. Since we want to make the process of making your classified ad simple and straightforward, we want to optimize upload and viewing times to speed up the time to place your used motorcycle for sale.
  • Can I use video with a classified ad? back
    Motorcycle Classifieds support You Tube, Google and Yahoo! videos. This means you have to place embed codes from these services to add to your listing.
  • How do I embed a video? back
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