3. Suzuki TU250X

Suzuki TU250X

The TU250X reminds us of a simpler time when motorcycles didn’t need to run 10-seocnd quarter miles to be relevant. Suzuki’s little retro-standard embodies the basics of affordability and versatility of the Universal Japanese Motorcycle theme. It’s cheap, light and has enough poke to get you around the city without feeling like a rolling chicane. Not to mention it can be configured in a number of different ways – just like the original UJMs.

Its paltry $4399 price tag makes the fuel-injected Thumper a considerable bargain, while its 326-pound curb weight is practically nothing. Plus, if you really want to harken back to the old days, a milk crate and some bungee cords instantly grants you storage space. For the frugal commuter looking for practicality over performance, the TU250X may be all that you need.