1. KTM 690 Duke

KTM 690 Duke

The 690 Duke is ideally suited for the cut and thrust of commuting. It boasts an incredibly low weight (about 360 pounds full of fuel) and a super-responsive fuel-injected Thumper motor sure to paint a smile on your face on your way to work. In our review of the KTM, we wrote: “There’s perhaps no sprightlier traffic dissector than the Duke.”

In a commuter role, it lacks only standard onboard storage, but there’s ample room to add a tail pack or other similar luggage. Its grunty Single provides instant power, even on freeways, and it’s challenging to get fuel economy to dip below the 50s. Standard ABS helps keep it shiny side up, rain or shine. Priced at $8999, it might be impossible to find a more amusing bike for you ride to work.