7. Aprilia Mana

Aprilia Mana

A relative sleeper on this list, the Aprilia Mana doesn’t get much of the spotlight, but it meets the criteria we’re looking for here and does it well. The ride position is commanding with its low pegs and upright bars that give lots of leverage. Power comes from a 839cc V-Twin sourced straight from the Gilera GP800 scooter (they share the same parent company, Piaggio), which means the Mana also shares the CVT gearbox from the scoot as well.

Is the Mana a glorified scooter? Maybe, but consider this: shifting can still be done at the push of a paddle on the handlebar into one of seven gears. Or you can switch it to full auto and use your left hand to sip a latte on your way to work. When you’re done, stow your Thermos, along with your lunch, and whatever else, in the faux fuel tank storage compartment. Accessory luggage is also available if you need more space. Really, for getting around town or to the office, the Mana deserves more attention.