9. Zero S

Zero S

Electric motorcycles thrive in city/commuting situations. Take the 2013 Zero S for example. For starters, it’s narrow and lightweight, making it excellent for getting in and out of traffic. Beyond that, the 54 horses and 68 ft.-lb. provide plenty of thrust to escape the onslaught of cars behind you when the light turns green, all without the need to shift – simply twist your wrist and go.

And in case you’re wondering about range, electric motorcycles get their best mileage in city traffic, as each time you’re coasting or braking, the regenerative effect is adding a tad more juice back into the batteries. Realistically, if your needs take you through the city often with occasional or brief highway use, returning at least 70 miles should be possible. What does this mean? That you can take your preconceived notions about e-bikes and throw them out the window. The Zero S definitely belongs on this list.

Oh, and from personal experience, we know the on-board zippered storage compartment easily holds at least six Gatorades.