Top 10 Commuter Motorcycles

At, we love play riding in the canyons and enjoy a day at the track, but we realize the majority of time we spend on bikes consists of commuting from point A to point B, darting through the city and handling whatever errands possible that don’t require a four-wheeler.

It’s for this reason we’ve compiled a list of 10 city/commuter bikes we think are good choices to handle the daily grind. The criteria for this list were for a narrow and agile machine to squeeze or maneuver through tight situations while being relatively comfortable and capable of freeway travel. Bonus points were given for having storage space or provisions to easily fit aftermarket luggage. As usual, we’re sticking with new models while trying to maintain diversity for all types of riders.

Now, in no particular order, is our Top 10 city/commuter motorcycles. Have a suggestion for this list? Tell us in the comments section below.