Friday Forum Foraging: Name Your Price BMW R1200 GSA

Troy Siahaan
by Troy Siahaan

An interesting way to weed out the low-ball offers.

Here's an interesting one for today's Friday Forum Forage, coming to us from our sister site, And no, not the fact that it's a 2008 BMW R1200 GSA, though we'll get back to that in a minute.

What makes this post different is the seller's preferred way to sell it off. He's effectively putting on a kind of reverse auction, setting a price to start off with, and then lowering it every day. It puts any interested parties against each other until it reaches a price someone's willing to pay for it. This also takes care of any tire kickers and low-ball offers. You can attempt to wait it out and see how low the price will go, but you also run the risk of someone snatching the bike up before you. It's pretty clever, really. Unless, of course, you're the seller and you're hoping to get max dollar. But if that were the case, they wouldn't have listed it this way.

Now, back to the GSA. For 55,000 miles on the clock, it's in very good shape and comes complete with a ton of accessories you'd likely make to this bike anyway. See a copy of the listing below for all the maintenance work that was performed, and if you want it, don't forget to visit to contact the seller – if he hasn't already sold it.

2008 R1200 GSA.

In very good condition. Currently mileage as of 4/3/2023 is 55,000miles and going up as I ride. All maintenance is up to date (see below) and this bike needs nothing but a new rider. Located in Chambersburg PA

Price on Stromtroopers and a few other sites will start out at $7,599.99 on 4/30/2023 and every day after that at 7:00:01 AM EST the price will decrease by $50. This takes all the need for negotiations out of the picture and you pay what you want too and not a penny more. When the price reaches the amount you want to pay, Respond to this thread calling dibs (this will time stamp your price) and hope someone else did not beat you by 1 second or $50. Good Luck!

Bike comes with the following:

• GSA panniers and racks

• GSA rear rack

• Upper/lower crash bars

• Radiator guard

• Headlight guard

• Beak protector

• Garmin 395LM base (no GPS its on my other GS)

• Hyperpro ESA suspension Rear shock was rebuilt last year also comes with a coupon for a free rebuild of the front shock.

• Fog light converted to LED

• Remus headers

• Delkavic muffler

Maintenance completed since buying on 7/2/2021

• 7/9/21 – Checked and set valves @ 49,226 miles.

• 7/10/21 – Changed transmission oil with 800cc’s 75W-90 @ 49,389 miles.

• 7/10/21 - Changed rear drive oil with 180cc’s of 75W-90 @ 49,389 miles.

• 7/10/21 – Flushed and bled front and rear brakes with DOT4 brake fluid

• 7/10/21 – Replaced air filter with a Mahale LX 984/2 at 49,389 miles

• 7/10/21 – Cleaned stepper motors @ 49,389 miles

• 7/11/21 – Changed engine oil and filter with 4L Mobil 1 15W-50 and HiFlo #164 filter at $49,389 miles.

• 7/12/21 – Alternator belt Continental 4PK 611 ($20.00) @ 49,400 miles

• 7/13/21 – Upper swingarm boot $54.00 replaced at 49,400 miles.

• 7/13/21 – Checked, cleaned, and repacked swingarm pivot bearings. Both were clean and smooth in operation at 49,400 miles.

• 7/13/21 – Clean and repacked needle bearing on rear drive pivot.

• 9/6/21 – Installed Aux beam H11 LED fog light bulbs @ 50,665 miles.

• 4/30/22 – New Dunlop TrailSmart rear tire at $52,667 miles.

• 8/6/22 – Fuel pump recall completed at 53,621 miles at Kissells Motorsports

• 8/6/22 – Fuel strip replaced with new at 53,621 miles @ Kissells Motosports for $253.50

• 8/17/22 – Replaced rear brake pads EBC FA363HH) @ 54,068 miles

• 9/25/22 – Replaced drive shaft with a Ted Porter rebuildable unit @ 54,121 miles

• 9/25/22 – Replaced rear drive oil with 180cc’s of75W-90 @ 54,121 miles

• 9/25/22 – Replaced lower swing arm rubber boot @ 54,121 miles

• 11/1/22 – Replace the fuel pump side fuel quick connects with CPC @ 54,362 miles

• 1/14/23 – Replaced the sparkplugs with NGK DCPR8EXC (NGK 7168) @ 53,640 miles.

• 1/25/23 – Replaced F/R TPMS @ 54,698 miles.

• 2/3/23 – Replaced L/R Throttle body pulleys with new Bing Pulleys @ 54,735 mil

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Troy Siahaan
Troy Siahaan

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