Top 10 Motorcycle Accidents of the Rich & Famous

It’s a dangerous game, motorcycling. Cagers think they get it, and that’s why they don’t ride. But no one can really comprehend the risk involved in two-wheel travel until they’ve had to swerve to save their skin. Motorcyclists know the truth better than anyone: There are no mere fender-benders on a bike. Escaping a motorcycle crash without an injury is a rarity.

And accidents happen every day. Here in LA, motorcycle crashes usually don’t make the news unless they’ve caused a traffic jam on the 405. The Rich & Famous go down too, and whenever they do it we hear about it, usually via some tripe-fest quote-unquote news program like “TMZ.” The survivors are often called “heroic,” but usually they’re just lucky.

Presented for your approval: The Top 10 Motorcycle Crashes of the Rich & Famous.

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