Lately, there’s been a rise in popularity in cafe- and naked-type bikes. Take the recently reviewed Royal Enfield Continental GT, quirky Moto Guzzi V7, old-is-new-again Yamaha SR400, and of course the venerable Triumph Bonneville as examples. They are simple motorcycles that take you back to a simpler time. And these days, wearing full-fledged, Power Ranger-like protective gear just seems, well, silly.

That’s where Rev’It! comes in. Ever ones to capture a new market when it emerges, Rev’It! has been producing casual-looking motorcycle safety apparel that looks great off the bike all while keeping you protected on it. Take the Brera jacket, for example. A cool weather motorcycle jacket that’ll keep you warm when it’s chilly and protected in a tumble, Rev’It! is tapping in to a set of riders looking for form over function.

Recently, Rev’It! invited us to Beach Moto in Venice, California, a specialty high-end apparel store and an authorized Rev’It! dealer, to get a look at its Spring/Summer 2014 Urban collection. It was a casual event, with items simply hung on display, but it was the first time many, myself included, got to actually see and feel these items in the flesh. And since pictures are worth 1000 words, check out the shots below to see the things Rev’It! hopes you’ll want to wear during your commute this summer.



A vintage, racing-inspired leather jacket, of the entire Rev’It! urban collection, the Redhook may be the biggest giveaway to other motorists that you’re a motorcyclist. Then again, off the bike, most people will just think you’re wearing a stylish leather jacket. Equipped with pre-curved sleeves, padded shoulders and stressed leather, the jacket fits well and looks worn-in even when new. Knox Flexiform armor in the shoulders and elbows means the Redhook not only looks good, but protects in a fall. Retail price is $469.99.

Campo and Lombard Jeans

RevItParty-Campo and Lombard jeans

The two best selling jeans in the Rev’It! lineup, the Campo (left) and Lombard are flying off the shelves. “Nobody even has press samples,” says Rev’It Community Manager Tracy Motz. “We had to take these two off the mannequin in this store to display tonight.” Designed with both comfort and protection in mind, the seams of the Campo jean don’t follow the side of the pant like normal jeans, but instead follow the curvature of the leg in the riding position.

The Lombard follows a more traditional design with straight legs, to match well with motorcycle boots or cowboy boots. Both feature knee padding, and the denim fabric is triple stitched with cotton, Cordura, and Coolmax fibers to keep the rider comfortable on a hot day. Interestingly, all Rev’It! denim feature Cordura instead of Kevlar because the latter can get hot enough to burn the skin in a sustained slide. Cordura is also said to withstand abrasion considerably longer than Kevlar, says Rev’It! Available in sizes 28-38, both jeans retail for $269.99.



A really simple and functional idea we’re surprised hasn’t been invented sooner, these belt sleeves feature a zipper which can connect to various different riding jackets. Now, you can wear denim jeans without fear of your jacket riding up and exposing your lower back.


RevItParty-Hillcrest jacket

Admit it, if you didn’t know any better, you’d think the Hillcrest jacket was just another coat. But don’t let the cotton outer shell fool you. This is, in fact, a protective motorcycle garment. Equipped with soft armor in the shoulders and elbows, the Hillcrest jacket is the perfect compliment to the scooter rider commuting to work or a date. Described as a “summer chic jacket,” the Hillcrest has a multitude of pockets, both inside and out, as well as a breathable lining to stay cool on warm rides. Available in SM-3XL, the Hillcrest will set you back $259.99.

Rodeo, Mohawk and Ginza Boots


Perhaps the understated star of the show is the line of urban boots by Rev’It! The Rodeo (left), Mohawk (center) and Ginza boots are all the brainchild of Gebrandt Aarts, Creative Director for the company. Aarts literally grew up around shoes — his father was a shoe designer and his mother owned a shoe store, so undertaking the design of a new line of boots was a personal endeavor for him.

The Rodeo has a military-inspired look, while the Mohawk is shaped by fashion. The Ginza, meanwhile, borrows loosely from work boots to achieve its style. All three feature high-class touches like soft, water-repellent leather, mesh linings for breathability and reinforced toes and heels. Able to be worn either inside or outside the boot, all three cost $289.99.


RevItParty-Windsor jacket

The $319.99 Windsor jacket has a soft cotton outer shell, and looks like something you could wear to class or a night on the town. The fact it also functions as warm weather motorcycle apparel should make it a must-have amongst commuters. Knoxlite soft armor in the shoulders and elbows is nearly impossible to notice unless you purposefully run your hands all over the jacket. It features a removable hood, two-way zipper and plenty of ventilation through the chest (note the large zippered breast vent). Inside, mesh lining allows breathability and a soft touch, while deep pockets inside and out make it very utilitarian.

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