Metzeler Extends Spring Moto Rebate Program Through July 31, 2023

Metzeler North America is pleased to announce that the spring moto rebate program has been extended for residents of the United States and expanded to include residents of Canada. This program allows motorcycle enthusiasts who purchase Metzeler tires through their local participating dealership and select online retailers to receive as much as $25 USD / $40 CAD rebate per tire or $60 USD / $100 CAD rebate per tire set on eligible street and off-road tires through July 31, 2023.

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Friday Forum Foraging: Name Your Price BMW R1200 GSA

2008 R1200 GSA.

In very good condition. Currently mileage as of 4/3/2023 is 55,000miles and going up as I ride. All maintenance is up to date (see below) and this bike needs nothing but a new rider. Located in Chambersburg PA

Price on Stromtroopers and a few other sites will start out at $7,599.99 on 4/30/2023 and every day after that at 7:00:01 AM EST the price will decrease by $50. This takes all the need for negotiations out of the picture and you pay what you want too and not a penny more. When the price reaches the amount you want to pay, Respond to this thread calling dibs (this will time stamp your price) and hope someone else did not beat you by 1 second or $50. Good Luck!

Bike comes with the following:

• GSA panniers and racks

• GSA rear rack

• Upper/lower crash bars

• Radiator guard

• Headlight guard

• Beak protector

• Garmin 395LM base (no GPS its on my other GS)

• Hyperpro ESA suspension Rear shock was rebuilt last year also comes with a coupon for a free rebuild of the front shock.

• Fog light converted to LED

• Remus headers

• Delkavic muffler

Maintenance completed since buying on 7/2/2021

• 7/9/21 – Checked and set valves @ 49,226 miles.

• 7/10/21 – Changed transmission oil with 800cc’s 75W-90 @ 49,389 miles.

• 7/10/21 - Changed rear drive oil with 180cc’s of 75W-90 @ 49,389 miles.

• 7/10/21 – Flushed and bled front and rear brakes with DOT4 brake fluid

• 7/10/21 – Replaced air filter with a Mahale LX 984/2 at 49,389 miles

• 7/10/21 – Cleaned stepper motors @ 49,389 miles

• 7/11/21 – Changed engine oil and filter with 4L Mobil 1 15W-50 and HiFlo #164 filter at $49,389 miles.

• 7/12/21 – Alternator belt Continental 4PK 611 ($20.00) @ 49,400 miles

• 7/13/21 – Upper swingarm boot $54.00 replaced at 49,400 miles.

• 7/13/21 – Checked, cleaned, and repacked swingarm pivot bearings. Both were clean and smooth in operation at 49,400 miles.

• 7/13/21 – Clean and repacked needle bearing on rear drive pivot.

• 9/6/21 – Installed Aux beam H11 LED fog light bulbs @ 50,665 miles.

• 4/30/22 – New Dunlop TrailSmart rear tire at $52,667 miles.

• 8/6/22 – Fuel pump recall completed at 53,621 miles at Kissells Motorsports

• 8/6/22 – Fuel strip replaced with new at 53,621 miles @ Kissells Motosports for $253.50

• 8/17/22 – Replaced rear brake pads EBC FA363HH) @ 54,068 miles

• 9/25/22 – Replaced drive shaft with a Ted Porter rebuildable unit @ 54,121 miles

• 9/25/22 – Replaced rear drive oil with 180cc’s of75W-90 @ 54,121 miles

• 9/25/22 – Replaced lower swing arm rubber boot @ 54,121 miles

• 11/1/22 – Replace the fuel pump side fuel quick connects with CPC @ 54,362 miles

• 1/14/23 – Replaced the sparkplugs with NGK DCPR8EXC (NGK 7168) @ 53,640 miles.

• 1/25/23 – Replaced F/R TPMS @ 54,698 miles.

• 2/3/23 – Replaced L/R Throttle body pulleys with new Bing Pulleys @ 54,735 mil

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New 2024 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Revealed in EPA Data

As its competitors in the 600-ish sportbike class stagnate and slowly die off, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R has remained a constant. With its "cheater" 636cc displacement, the ZX-6R has outlasted the Yamaha R6, and received multiple updates since Suzuki refreshed the GSX-R600. Of the Big Four Japanese brands, only Honda's CBR600RR has been updated in recent years, and even then, only for a select few markets. While new Parallel-Twin competitors have redefined the Supersport class, the ZX-6R continues to fight the good fight for Inline-Four supersports. The Ninja will fight on for the foreseeable future, as can confirm a new ZX-6R is coming for 2024.

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Shoei Announces the X-Fifteen Helmet

Shoei is known for producing premium motorcycle helmets, and the newly released in the United States Shoei X-Fifteen helmet represents the current state of the company's helmet art. When you have racers of the caliber of Marc Marquez wearing your helmet, you know that the helmet is one of the best in the world – as befits a six-time world champion. The big news for track riders is the 6.1% reduction in drag and 1.6% reduction in lift compared the the previous generation. During the development of the new shell, the helmet was tested at speeds in excess of 218 mph. So, we mere mortals should be OK during our track day exploits. Since these typically take place during the summer months, the seven intake and six exhaust vents will help to keep riders cool. Finally, the rider's field of vision has been improved.

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Planned MV Agusta Models Revealed in VIN Filings

MV Agusta has undergone a lot of big changes the last few years, first with Russian Timur Sardarov gaining control of the brand from Giovanni Castiglioni, and more recently with KTM AG acquiring a 25.1% stake.

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Rainey, Shobert Bikes Among Highlights of 13th Annual Quail Gathering

Returning on May 6, The Quail Motorcycle Gathering will feature over 300 motorcycles and displays from popular brands, premier vendors and local food-and-beverage companies

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CFMOTO Ibex 800 Family: the Adventure Bikes You Didn’t Know You Need

The steadily growing popularity of adventure (ADV) motorcycles is no secret. In fact, nearly half of all motorcycles sold today are ADV bikes. These bikes transcend the idea of a typical motorcycle, giving it a little bit of a dirt bike feel and making it possible to ride where no pavement exists. The only downfall to the ADV bike is the cost, which have typically been pretty high. That, however, is changing with a family of ADV bikes from CFMOTO. The CFMOTO Ibex 800 S and Ibex 800 T pack a lot of features and style into a value-laden package that gives you a lot of ADV bang for your buck.

Powering Up

The CFMOTO Ibex ADV bikes share the same motor. It is an eight-valve, dual-overhead cam, 799cc Inline Twin that produces 94 horsepower at 9,000 rpm and 56.8 lb-ft of torque at 7,500 rpm. The motor is fed through a Bosch electronic fuel injection system, which is the same system used in many CFMOTO machines. 

The engine is mated to a six-speed, wet, multi-plate transmission with a CF-SC slipper clutch system. Both bikes also have two drive modes - Sport and Rain. Rain mode provides a more gentle throttle response to minimize tire spin in wet conditions, while Sport mode delivers increased throttle response for quick, unrestricted engine power output.

At the Ends

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Pirelli Extends Spring Moto Rebate In US And Expands It To Canada

Rebate has been extended to July 31, 2023, for US Residents and is available on eligible street and off-road tires.

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VOOM Expands Coverage to Colorado and Off-Road Vehicles

Pay-per-mile motorcycle insurance company VOOM is expanding to Colorado, increasing its service area to 11 states, including Arizona,Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin.

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Ducati Posts Record Delivery Results for the First Quarter of 2023

The success is highlighted throughout Ducati’s top markets: Italy +7 percent, United States and Germany +21 percent

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Although many readers are not aware of this service, has a Classifieds Section that can be quite useful for selling your motorcycle. Previously, sellers had the option of two tiers of advertisements, $5 and $20, which delivered different services. However, since the upgrade of the site to its new publishing platform, is offering readers a free classified service for selling their motorcycles. 

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SpeedKore Launches Carbon-Fiber Accessories for Tourers and Baggers

The new line of American-made accessories adds a custom touch while delivering the utmost in quality, strength and durability, and feature the same carbon used in SpeedKore’s extreme muscle car builds

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Ride On, Chris Kallfelz (1962-2023)

Some thoughts on the passing of a beloved MO contributor

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Harley-Davidson Introduces Fast Johnnie Enthusiast Collection

Along with the new Electra Glide Highway King Icon model, Harley-Davidson announced new limited edition versions of the Low Rider ST, Street Glide ST, and Road Glide ST as part of its ongoing Enthusiast Motorcycle Collection.

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2023 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Highway King First Look

As with the previous Icon models, the 2021 Electra Glide Revival and the 2022 Low Rider El Diablo, the 2023 Electra Glide Highway King will be a limited edition model produced for one year only. Production will be limited to 1,750 individually-numbered units, with 1,000 Highway Kings in Hi-Fi Orange and 750 in Hi-Fi Magenta.

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Best Electric Motorcycle Chargers

The proliferation of EV motorcycles is well and truly underway. Granted, electric motorcycles don’t quite fit the needs of many recreational motorcyclists, but if your lifestyle is one suited for an EV, then they are certainly a viable option to consider. But most of the charging cables that come with your electric motorcycle (or car) are only Level 1 rated, meaning it plugs into your average 110v wall outlet and can take forever to charge. 

Sure, you could plug into a Level 2 charger located in more and more urban areas (and not-so-urban areas), but we can all agree it’s much more convenient to just plug in at home. This list is going to ramp up the power and focus on Level 2 charging stations you can install at home. These allow you to slash your charge times significantly but also may require some modifications to your existing infrastructure to fully utilize. 

The chargers on this list have some discrepancies in price. This is primarily due to the features and niceties they provide – most notably, the feature to connect your charger to your smartphone to see your charge status, schedule charging windows for lower-cost electricity times, and see how much you’re spending each time you charge. Other options to consider include cable length, certifications, NEMA ratings for how well the charger can withstand outdoor use, and the difficulty of the install. If you ask us, go ahead and spring for the upgrades, if you can afford it. Future you will thank yourself.

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