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John Burns
by John Burns

One of the cooler things about bike sharing is the ability to get an extended test ride on many bikes you’re considering buying. Now, the biggest bike-sharing site, Twisted Road, informs us they have a couple of new H-D LiveWires available on the west coast, for a couple hun a day. (Actually the guy in San Mateo is asking $175 a day for his brand new Harley. That’s him, Scott C., in the lead photo.)

The other cool thing about bike sharing is the ability to have the bike pay for itself if you do wind up buying one, like the owner of a new KTM we were chatting with the other day: His new SuperDuke earns its own keep in about four rental days per month. The sharing economy giveth, and the sharing economy taketh away.


Twisted Road Press Release:

The leading online-motorcycle sharing community offers the LiveWire in San Francisco and Los Angeles

CHICAGO, Ill., December 10, 2019 — Twisted Road, the leading rental service for privately-owned motorcycles in the U.S, today announced they are now offering two Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycles. With more than 2,300 motorcycles for short- or long-term rental, Twisted Road has many classics while others – like Harley-Davidson’s new LiveWire electric motorcycle – are cutting edge.

“These are fantastic additions to our fleet,” said Austin Rothbard, Founder and CEO, Twisted Road. “The owner in the L.A. area is offering the LiveWire for rent exclusively through us, and will even arrange for airport pick up and drop off.”

Twisted Road is unique among motorcycle-sharing services in having a flat, per day charge for all bikes, set by the owner based on how popular or rare the motorcycle is. The LiveWire motorcycles will rent for about $199.00 per day. Like all other Twisted Road bikes, these bikes won’t have mileage restrictions.

“It’s a great way to try out a bike you’ve never ridden before,” said Rothbard, “whether it’s a 21st century electric bike like the LiveWire, that’s perfect for getting around the city, or a vintage beauty like the 1958 BMW R50.”

Twisted Road verifies all potential renters for driver safety, experience, and qualifications. It also offers the best owner insurance protection in the industry, with up to $100,000 of free liability protection and up to $25,000 of damage protection. Owners may choose to increase that liability up to $1 million. After each ride, the rider and owner rate each other, while the rider rates the bike, too. To date 97% of these ratings have been five-star.

Rothbard continued, “We are building the most trusted motorcycle community around–a place for riders to connect with one another over their favorite passion. Riding.”

For more information on Twisted Road and to see all the bikes listed, please visit:


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