Yoshimura Introduces 2019 Ducati Scrambler Race Series Slip-on

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A significant reduction in weight and increase in power? That’s a win/win.

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Since it came on the scene in 2016 the Ducati Scrambler has been a very popular bike. Each concept of the Scrambler that emerges gets more and more cool factor added to it, so we decided to put our hand to this Italian twin’s power delivery.

The Yoshimura R-34 profile was perfect for the ascetics on the Scrambler. Its retro vibe and it’s tone is a match made in heaven. The Race Series R-34 Works Finish
slip-on provides not only over a 4 pound weight reduction, it boosts max torque 6.3% while adding 3% max H.P. to the mid size twin. Eccezionale!

Proudly made in the USA

2016-19 Ducati Scrambler R-34 Race Series pricing and info

2016-19 Ducati Scrambler R-34 Race SO SS/AL WF
Part #19400BT510
MSRP: $578.94

Stock muffler weight: 13.0 Lbs.
Yoshimura R-34 Stainless slip-on weight: 8.9 Lbs.

Press Release
Press Release

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